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TENS-Unit Description

Are you looking to rent a TENS Unit near Indianapolis, Indiana? A TENS unit (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) is a small medical device, which is employed for managing pain. It works by competing with pain signals to the brain, subjecting the pain-generating tissues to tiny weak electrical currents that are theorized to override the pain signals traveling to the brain, resulting in reduced perception of pain. It does not do anything to cure the injured site or root cause, it simply overrides the brains ability to perceive pain. The end result is greater comfort for the patient.

In many individuals, TENS units reduce or eliminate the need for pharmacological pain addressing agents.TENS Units are also faster acting than ice or similar topical pain remedies. Need to find a TENS Unit rental? You're in the right place.

When you need an TENS Unit delivered in Fort Wayne, Carmel, Greenwood, Noblesville, Terre Haute, Lafayette in Indiana, Phoenix Medical Equipment And Supplies has you covered. If you have additional questions about rental terms, pricing, or delivery option of adding on additional medical equipment to rent please contact us at 317-481-8707 .

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