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Houston Brachytheraphy Table Rental - Surgical Tables For Rent - Texas Urology Table Rentals

Urology Table Rentals Houston Texas. KenQuest Medical Equipment Rentals specializes in hospital equipment rentals. We rent Diagnostic Imaging Tables, Surgical Tables,Urology Tables & Brachytherapy Table For Rent. We lease utlrasound machines, c-arm and endoscopy systems. Servicing Houston, Galveston, Victoria, Bryan, Beaurmont, Port Arthur. Lease Surgical Tables Texas

KenQuest Medical offers a very large verity of surgical table rentals in several makes and models. Below you will find a sample listing of the several makes and models of surgical tables that we rent

In the medical field the level of competition is great. As a result, KenQuest Medical realizes and emphasizes quality in our processes, our products, our employee relationships, and our outside business relationships.

Acroma / Medstone Imaging Table Rentals:
◦Medstone Elite Imaging Table Rental

Oakworks Imaging Table Rentals:

◦CFPM400 Imaging Table Rental
◦DTPM300 Imaging Table Rental
◦CFPM100 Imaging Table Rental
◦CFPMFXH Imaging Table Rental

Surgical Tables Inc. Imaging Table Rentals:
◦STI Streamline Imaging Table Rental
◦STI Economax Imaging Table Rental
◦STI Max Imaging Table Rental

Image Diagnostics Inc Imaging & Urology Table Rentals:
◦IDI Aspect 100 Series Imaging Table Rentals
◦IDI Aspect 100-4 Series Imagine Table Rentals
◦IDI Aspect 100UCPlus Urology Table Rental
◦IDI Aspect 100US Urology Table Rental

Steris / AMSCO Surgical Table Rentals:
◦Steris 5085 Surgical Table Rental
◦Steris 4085 Surgical Table Rental
◦AMSCO 3085 Surgical Table Rental
◦AMSCO 3080 Surgical Table Rental
◦AMSCO 2080 Surgical Table Rental
◦Steris SurgiGraphic 6000 Imaging Table
◦Steris SurgiGraphic 1027 Imaging Table

Mizuho OSI Surgical Table Rentals:
◦Jackson Spine Table Rental
◦Allegro Imaging Table Rental

Biodex Surgical Table Rentals:
◦Biodex 840 Imaging Table Rental
◦Biodex 846 Imaging Table Rental
◦Biodex 870 Imaging Table Rental
◦Biodex 800 Urology Table Rental
◦Biodex 810 Brachytherapy Table Rental
◦Biodex 820 3D Brachytherapy Table Rental

Allen Medical Systems:
◦Allen Spine System (Attaches to existing OR Table)

For the various rental programs we offer please check out our RENTAL PROGRAMS page, and find out which program will work for you and your facility. If you already know which program you would like to go with and would like to request a quote, you may do so by calling us at 888-316-2205

KenQuest Medical was established in 1985 based out of Irvine, California, by a man by the name of Ken Derentz. It was his goal to provide the medical industry with a resource for quality new and pre-owned medical equipment, excellent personalized service, and the best absolute value. Now over 15 years later, KenQuest is now recognized as one of the U.S. largest independent retailers of major brands of new and pre-owned medical equipment.

KenQuest’s staff is comprised of several individuals that have over 10 years of medical experience and specialties in the industry. These staff members can help you find the right equipment for your needs without over selling you on items that are not necessary for the type of cases and procedures you and/or your company plan on doing.

KenQuest carries a large variety of products to meet our customer’s needs and our product line includes authorized dealerships for such companies as Pedigo, Oakworks, Burton Medical Products, Americomp X-Ray, Perfection Enterprises, UMF and several more! We even carry refurbished equipment by G.E., OEC, Ziehm, Phillips, Siemans, Fluroscan, Amsco, Sony, and many more.

We understand the need for not only quality products but top-notch customer service, support and value. We believe in ourselves so much that we are willing to guarantee in writing that you will be happy with your purchase or you can return the product to us for your money back or exhange it for another item.

What ever your equipment needs are you can always count on KenQuest. We will be with you every step of the way and will be more than willing to help you out in any way that we can. Call us today to see how our company can help you solve your equipment needs

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