Bariatric HD Mobility Scooter For Rent Durham North Carolina


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4228 Garrett Road
Durham, NC 27707

Bariatric-Scooter Description

Model #: HD Power Scooter

Deliver Heavy duty bariatric power mobility scooter rental in Durham, North Carolina. Bariatric Scooters have reinforced frames, heavy duty motors and wider seats. Heavy duty mobility scooters are strong enough to accommodate almost any user because heavy duty scooters tend to feature bigger motors, wider bases, and larger tires.

Bariatric mobility scooter rentals are perfect for people with mobility impairments who don't necessarily need a wheelchair every minute of the day to get around, but could use a little boost getting around the neighborhood or need a lift when friends and relatives want to go on extended foot trips

Heavy duty mobility scooters for rent can be delivered to Chapel Hill, Braggtown, Bethesda, Hillsborough, Willow Ridge in North Carolina. If you have additional questions about rental terms, pricing, delivery options for adding on additional medical equipment to rent please contact us at 919-680-1758

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