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Rent GE Aestiva/5 7100, Anesthesia Machine Rentals. Anesthesia Rentals specializes in hospital equipment rentals. We rent Diagnostic Imaging Equipment, Surgical Tables, and we lease anesthesia systems. We rent ultrasound machines, c-arms and endoscopy equipment. Servicing Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk.

The Aestiva®/5 7100 anesthesia system combines the premiere features of the Aestiva®/5 anesthesia system (open architecture, integrated breathing circuit and compact design) with our newest anesthesia ventilation platform - the 7100 Ventilator. The 7100 Ventilator has been specifically engineered to allow for ventilation of a wide range of patients, from pediatric to adult cases, making it an ideal solution for clinicians that are looking for a high performance ventilator at a cost-effective price.

The design of the 7100 ventilator is built around the proven SmartVent technology, incorporating similar user interface, menus and screen views. This intuitive design allows clinicians to comfortably move between Aestiva machines equipped with either 7900 SmartVent or 7100 Ventilators. Its design helps to deliver the level of performance and patient safety which customers have come to expect from our products and also provides an option for clinicians who do not need the enhanced features of the Aestiva®/5 with the 7900 SmartVent.

An additional feature of the Aestiva®/5 7100 is its configurability. Customers are given the opportunity to select specific ventilation control parameters, tailoring the 7100 Ventilator to meet the need of the individual hospital This helps make the Aestiva®/5 7100 both a functional and flexible anesthesia delivery solution.

Because of its open architecture, the Aestiva®/5 7100 can accommodate the Cardiocap/5 Anesthesia Monitor, the S/5 Anesthesia Monitor or be used with existing monitors and accessories.

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