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Free-Standing-Trapeze Description

Chicago, IL Free Standing Overhead Trapeze Transfer Bar For Rent Chicago, IL. Medical Supplies And Services has free standing overhead hospital bed trapeze bars for individuals who need assistance when maneuvering themselves around in their bed. Our bed trapeze units are designed to assist individuals weighing up to 1,000 pounds in changing positions in bed and transferring them in and out of bed. The triangular-shaped trapeze bar for bed helps gives patients something to grasp to reposition themselves and prepare for bed transfer.

When patients or individuals need assistance in changing positions, Trapeze Bars are ideal you have. You can rent ones that will hook directly to your bed, or you can rent one that is supported by a base. Not only will these patient aides assist you in changing positions but will also help you and your caregiver transfer out of your bed. This trapeze bar and hand bar are adjustable making it adjustable to the perfect measurements to fit you. Setting your unit up is hassle and stress free with the quick installation of attaching it to your bed or the base that will have it stand alone on the floor.

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