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Threshold-Ramp Description

Model #: Portable

Short-term folding wheelchair ramp rental in Fargo ND. Ramp Rentals offers folding ramps for commercial and residential use when accessing a business or home with a wheelchair, walker, or any other mobility device. Folding wheelchair ramps will fold up compactly and feature a handle for easy transport.

Threshold-Ramp Specifications:

Folding Ramp Features and Specifications:

  • Available in 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 foot lengths
  • Anti Slip
  • 100% Aluminum
  • Not Painted
  • Handle for transporting
  • 36 inches wide for residential
  • 42 inches wide for commercial

Threshold Wheelchair ramp for rent in Fargo North Dakota. Next Day Access is there when you need them, even if your need is only temporary. They understand renting a wheelchair ramp, a straight stair lift or a portable patient lift is an option that may best suit your situation. A professional local team member will gladly meet with you to determine the best solution for your need. Call today for a no-cost consultation.

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