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Portable-Ramp Description

Model #: EZ-ACCESS Pathway

Portable Ramps For Rent in New Jersey. Wheelchair ramps are available from Williams Lift Company throughout North New Jersey areas. These pathway ramps can be easily moved or relocated as your needs may change. And are designed for the rigors of everyday use in all weather conditions, they are made of aluminum and feature an extruded non-skid surface. For more information about renting one of our Portable Wheelchair Ramps any where in Union County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Mercer County, Monmouth County and Northern New Jersey give us a call at 908-259-6317

Along with being a great solution for people who are wheelchair bound, a pathway ramp can also help parents transporting their babies in strollers, elderly who use canes to get around from place to place, and people experiencing any other mobility restriction.

Portable-Ramp Specifications:

Pathway Ramp Without Handrails Specifications:

- Made of aluminum
- Non-skid surface
- Usable size (L x W): 4'x36", 6'x36", 8'x36", 10'x36"
- Ramp weight in pounds: 45, 60, 75, 90
- 850 pound weight capacity
- Outside width 37"

Pathway Ramp With Handrails With Specifications:

- Made of Aluminum
- Non-skid surface
- Usable size: (LxW) 4'x36"x35 8/4", 6'x36"x35 8/4", 8'x36"x35 8/4", 10'x36"x35 8/4"
- Ramp Weight in Pounds: 70, 85, 105, 130
- 850 pound weight capacity
- Outside width 40 1/4"

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