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ECG-EKG-System Description

Model #: Marquette MAC 1200

Business to Business Only

EKG units for rent in New York City, NY. Physician's Resource offers ECG or EKG machines manufactured by GE throughout the New York City Metropolitan region. This medical equipment is designed to sync with clinic or hospital IT, allowing for easy data collection and analysis. Does your medical clinic need to rent an EKG Machine? Give us a call today to learn more 570-740-3994

ECG-EKG-System Specifications:

GE Marquette MAC 1200
  • One Touch Operation for acquisition, analysis, storage, and printing
  • Measurements, interpretations and memory available in any combination to best meet patient needs
  • 4 user- definable fields
  • Waveform Display for rapid assessment of ECG rhythm and signal quality
  • Full size paper
  • Battery Powered
  • Optional CT data guard feature
GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital
  • Doft Key menu for easy data entry
  • 7" color screen
  • Onscreen view of your ECG
  • Hospital grade keyboard for easy cleaning
  • True Computer interpreted analysis of aldult and pediatric populations
  • Hookup Advisor ensures ECG signal quality from the start
  • Automatically captures 10second ECG signals with one-touch operation and can be set to continuously monitor all 12 leads
  • ONline Editing and reanalysis of ECG waveform capabilities for enhanced accuracy
  • Connects to EMR system
  • Records Exported to XML format
  • Able to be converted into a multifunctional Cardiac station for Stress Testing
GE Marquette MAC 5500
  • Marquette Hookup Advisor indicates lead signal quality by reviewing ECG waveform
  • Gender Specific Interpretation
  • ACI- TIPI considers patient's age, gender, acheif complaint, and ECG measurements
  • Simultaneous 15 lead acquisition, storage, and assesment
  • P- Wave Signal Averaging
  • Hi- Res Late Potential Analysis
  • Enhanced Pacemaker- Detection Software
  • Serial ECG Comparisons

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