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ECG-EKG-System Description

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ECG-EKG Machine in Orlando, FL. The Quinton Q Stress Test monitoring system is a current product used for monitoring the hearts ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinic. This medical equipment will compare the coronary circulation of your the patient while at rest with the same patient's circulation observed during high levels of physical exercise. Physician's Resource rentals is a distributor to cardiology professionals with needs for equipment such as EKG machines, pagewriters, vital sign monitors ultrasound machines and much more throughout Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Windermere, Altamonte Springs and the entire state of Florida

The Quinton Q-Stress System offers a full cisclosure, network connectivity, real-time ST monitoring, report formatting, fast reports from QuickLists, ectopic capture and display, and customizable features including control panels, protocols, in-test reports, along with notifications and prompts. With this medical device being easy to operate it will allow you to print 12-lead and write screens with the click of the mouse or keyboard. For your convenience there is large start/stop icons on the monitor allowing for quick treadmill control's.

The direct programming of this stress test machine will make for quick and easy paths through the examination, from start to finish. All the other controls for this device can easily be controlled by the mouse or the keyboard. With this machine you will find a TM55 treadmill, console, flat screen monitor, keyboard and cables.

Quinton Q-Stress Monitoring System Features:

- 110/230 VAC
- 15 inch flat panel monitor
- Chart recorder, laser
- Remote entry keypad
- TM55 treadmill
- QRS and 3 analog ECG ports
- True 12-lead ECG
- Automatic blood pressure monitor input available
- 80GB hard drive
- Modem connection via standard phone line
- Network interface is Microsoft client/server
- Export/Communication/Protocol/Format is XML/TCP/IP/PDF
- Microsoft SQL 2000 database
- Microsoft Outlood Express email

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