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Defibrillator Description

Portable Defibrillators for Rent in Portland, OR. Phillips OnSite defibrillators are easy to operate. A defibrillator rental, used during sudden cardiac arrest, delivers a shock quickly & effectively. Common locations and situations that employ AED rentals include special events, summer camps, and school field trips. Providing the power to save lives AED Consultants have some of the most well known manufacturers in defibrillators such as Portland, Northwest Clackamas, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Somerset West-Rock Creek and the surrounding Washington County area.

The HeartStart OnSite defibrillator from Phillips weighing 3.3 pounds is small and lightweight, making transport simple and stress free. This portable defibrillator has a long-life battery and a 5 year shelf life. Activation of this medical device and voice instructions is uncomplicated – you simply pull the green handle. The entire process can be completed in 3 easy step-by-step instructions.

Included With AED Rental:
- Adult Pads
- Responder Kit (CPR Mask, Shears, Gloves)
- AED Carry Case
- Pediatric Pads Available Upon Request

Phillips HeartSmart OnSite Defibrillator Features:
- Detailed Voice Instructions
- CPR Coaching
- Shock Delivery
- Ready Light Indicator
- M5070A Battery
- Smart Pads
- Training Pads
- Data Recording and Transmission

AED Consulting’s goal is to protect you with personalized services. The presence of an AED rental offers peace of mind and could save a life in the event of cardiac arrest. We are experienced in working with event planners for special events, summer camp, or anywhere else to ensure the right equipment is provided, as well as proper training to use it. Our repeat customers know we cover all the bases, making AED rental from AED Consulting a wise choice.

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