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Electrosurgical Description

Model #: Conmed System 5000 and 7750

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Electrosurgical units for rent in Columbus, OH. Reserve the Conmed 5000 and 7550 Electrosurgical Generators from Physicians Resource throughout the Columbus area and all of Ohio. These units bring the art of surgery to a new level assisting you in every aspect of cutting, coagulating, desiccating, or fulgurating tissue. Reserve your Surgical Units from Physicians Resource Today!

Electrosurgical Specifications:

Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

Conmed System 5000 is the industry's most advanced generator. Surgeons agree that the accuracy, power, and precision of the System 5000™ make it a high performance device ideal for a multitude of specialties as well as general surgery.

Conmed System 7550 Electrosurgical Unit

The Conmed System 7550 with ABC® Technology allows physicians to bring the art of surgery to new levels. By utilizing this full-powered electrosurgical generator featuring argon beam coagulation, surgeons are able to achieve rapid hemostasis.

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