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Brachytherapy C-Arm table rentals in San Diego, CA. The narrow Fiberesin tabletop of the Brachytherapy C-Arm Table Model 810 is cantilevered to accommodate portable or ceiling suspended C-Arms. Radiolucent areas are free of cross members, allowing full fluoroscopic visualization and unobsructed C-Arm positioning. Functional design provides complete access while minimizing radiation exposure to clinicians.

Designed an equipped specifically for seed implantation procedures, the Brachytherapy C-Arm Table features a radiolucent extension that provides capability for brachytherapy treatment involving the upper body, as well as other general C-Arm applications. Motorized actuation of height, X-Y, lateral roll and Trendelenburg motions of the tabletop, with pre-programmed features, ensure quick and safe tabletop positioning during any phase of a procedure.

Biodex 810 Brachytherapy Table
- Large radiolucent area, 54" x 17.5"
- Fowler positioning (0° to 80°)
- Five-axis motorized tabletop positioning
- Four convenient positioning controllers (main panel control, joystick control with variable speed, hand-held controller and foot controller)
- Smooth starts and stops programmed into all motorized movements
- Low profile base for C-Arm clearance
- Accessory rails
- Both AC and battery power are standard

An operating table system is basically made up of three components: an operating table column, the table top and the transporter. Modern operating table systems are available as both stationary and mobile units. There are a wide range of table tops that can be used for both general surgery and for specialist disciplines. Mobile operating tables, however, tend to be equipped with a specific discipline in mind. The base, column and table top form a unit.

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