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Model #: Premier Mini

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Mini Surgical C-Arm system for rent near Los Angeles, California. The Fluoroscan Premier is the most advanced technology available in the Mini C-Arm market, giving you the most features for your money yet at a huge savings. This fully digital system has Dual Hi-Bright 15” Monitors, 4 Image Mosaic on the right monitor, 2000 image storage capability, and a thermal-graphic printer that comes with the system.

Rentals MD is a distributor of new and pre-owned Mini C-Arm machines for rent in hospitals, radiology departments, imaging centers, orthopedic surgeons and clinics in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Irvine, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Pomona, Lancaster, Palmdale and all of California.

Smart engineering that translates to functionally strong, user-friendly, time-efficient features is good news for both surgeons and radiologists. And smart engineering is what you'll find in the FluoroScan Premier Encore mini C-arm imaging system.

The fourth generation Premier Encore system raises mini C-arm fluoroscopy to new levels of image quality, economy, ease of use, and safety while bringing expanded administrative capabilities and connectivity to the radiology department.

Delivery and setup is available on all Mini-C-arm rental units. We have many options to choose from. Here are a few Mini-C-Arms for rent or lease:

Orthoscan FD-Pulse Mini C-Arm Rental
Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm Rental
Orthoscan DI Mini C-Arm Rental
Orthoscan FD-Pulse Mini C-Arm Rental

To learn more about rental rate or mini c-arm leasing rates please call 833-838-8381

Mini-C-Arm Specifications:

Ziehm Fluoroscan Premier Mini C-Arm Features the following:
- Dual 9″ Hi Resolution Monitors
- Dual 6”/ 4” Image Intensifier
- Dose Adjustment
- Noise Suppression
- 2200 Image storage
- Low x-ray scatter
- Flip images and Zoom in
- High speed mode
- Rotates 360 degrees
- 45 –Micron focal spot x-ray tube
- LIH Last Image Hold
- Medicapture or Sony Paper Printer
- Maintenance Included
- Service Included
- Training & Techs Available

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