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Beach-Wheelchairs Description

Model #: Beach Wheelchair

Looking to rent a beach wheelchair for a holiday vacation in Miami. FL. Sand Helper supplies beach wheelchair rentals for all the local beaches.

Beach wheelchairs can easily be arranged for renting by calling 305-376-7370. Delivery is also available for beach wheelchair rentals to nearby cities like : Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach, Golden Beach, Sunny Isle, Miami Beach in Florida.. If you have additional questions about rental terms, pricing, delivery options please call 305-376-7370

Beach Wheelchair Rentals in Ft Lauderdale, Hollywood Beach, Golden Beach, Sunny Isle, Miami Beach

Cruise on down to the ocean's edge in Miami Beach, Hollywood, Ft Lauderdale, or anywhere in between, by riding one of our powered beach wheelchairs! Regardless of your mobility on harder surfaces, walking through the sand can be quite a struggle. This location delivers to every beach between Miami Beach and Ft Lauderdale, including Golden Beach and Sunny Isle, and there is no need to pick it up. Reserve this battery-powered beach-cruising machine today and we will bring it right to your hotel or condo. This wheelchair provides the user with independence to enjoy the beach without requiring a push from someone else! Our chair is powered by lightweight batteries which can be removed for charging in your room while the chair stays parked out of the way in the lobby or parking lot.

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