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Atlanta Rehabilitation Pool Rentals - Vertical Exercise Pools For Rent - Georgia Portable Therapy Pool Rental

Portable Therapy Pool For Rent Georgia. The Vertical Pool LLC rents a one of a kind aqua therapy pool system for physically challenged individuals or canines needing alternative physical therapy. The portable aqua spa or therapy pools are easy to assemble and transport. We service Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Savannah, Athens . Lease Portable Aquatic Therapy Pool

Inspired by the need of returning warriors, this rentable pool for human to canine, from trauma patient to the physically fit, provides the convenient means for daily exercise privately at home for the 6-8 month post-event rehab period, away from public scrutiny and the bacterial issues of shared water

Efficient in energy, water, and space, The Vertical Pool allows exercise, traction, and therapy in vertical, horizontal, and seated positions. Aided by an overhead bar for support and leverage, the user can be assisted hands-on from the outside perimeter of the pool. Designed to accommodate conventional lifts. The lift takes folks from wheelchair or bed and deposits them on the seat in the pool (accessible from either side). The extended "feet" of the lift slip into cavities designed into and under the seats and stern. Comprised of light-weight sections that can each be carried into or through buildings, this pool can be installed in or removed from small difficult-to-access locations, up and down stairs or hillsides.

War wounded, trauma patients, accident victims experience a life-changing event requiring a period of adjustment so in-home therapy for 6-8 months to rehabilitate will be desirable. A pool rented short-term will meet a need for those unable to purchase.

Rental Costs at 6 month minimum;
Deep version; recommended for human trauma recovery
$800 first month, then $500 per month thereafter
Partially in-ground (requires lower tub hole)
Dimensions; 9’ 4” long x 6’ 2” wide x 3’ in-ground & 3’ above.
For long term installations the lower tub (footwell when vertical)
CAN be cut into an existing slab in a garage or indoor location.

Shallow version; adequate for dog trauma recovery
$500 first month, then $350 per month thereafter
No digging required. Place on patio/ground/garage
Dimensions; 9’ 4” long x 6’ 2” wide x 3’ 5 ½” high.

Delivery and installation costs vary depending on which model is
requested and your geographical location.

All installations include complete pool with new liner, steps, railing,
overhead bar, adjustable floor, locking cover, heater, filter, pump, light,
control with topside buttons for pump speed, light, and temperature.
On site requirement; a 110 GFCI 20 amp receptacle for operation.
Pump and heater CAN be operated on 220 as well.

Hoyer lift for access/egress; $50 per month
Treadmill: $100 per month

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