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Ankle-CPM Description

Ankle CPM rental in Columbus, OH. the medcom group ltd offers Ankle CPM as a form of rehabilitation for the ankle after surgery. The goal of continues passive motion medical device is to control pain, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and inhibit scar tissue formation in specific areas of movement. The gentle passive motion of a CPM works to keep the joint flexible and lubricated. By doing this, the CPM increases the patient's range of motion, reducing the risk of complications, and promotes positive healing.

When renting this medical device a prescription from an authorized medical provider is required. The rental period is a 2 week standard rental.

Ankle-CPM Specifications:

Ankle CPM:

  • Speedy recovery
  • Reduce the need for more extensive physical therapy
  • Help reduce pain by reducing swelling

Renting nationwide CPM machines, SCD machines, Lymphedema pumps, and Cold Therapy machines. the medcom group ltd has served individuals and medical facilities since 1988, renting medical equipment from leading manufacturers. They have affordable weekly and/or monthly rates backed by top notch customer service. Call them and learn why fostering lasting relationships is their goal.

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