Maryland Transport Wheelchair Rentals-Wheelchair For Rent-Baltimore Lightweight Wheelchair Rental

Transport-Chairs Description

Maryland Transport Wheelchair Rentals - Wheelchair For Rent - Baltimore Lightweight Wheelchair Rental

Transport Wheelchair Rental in Baltimore, Maryland. BW Surgical Supply rents manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs and lightweight wheelchairs for short term and long term whichever fits your medical rental needs. Wheelchairs for rent are great for helping a loved one enjoy site seeing, conventions and vacationing. Rent Medical Transport Chair in Baltimore, Maryland

A Transport chair for rent is great for a lightweight option weighing between 16 - 19 Lbs. These are very easy to put in and remove from a vehicle and they don't take up much room. Transport chairs are light weight, easy to store and economical. Models depend on availability. Contact us for more information.

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