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Find local wheel loader rentals available near your jobsite. There are a variety of types of heavy construction equipment that are classified as loaders. Choose from Wheel Loaders, Compact Wheel Loaders, Skid Steers, Tracked Skid Steers or Compact Track Loaders, Track Loaders, and Skip Loaders or Landscape Loaders.

Wheel Loaders are essentially tractors, usually wheeled, but can be tracked, that have a front mounted bucket at the end of two booms. A loaders bucket is typically used to scoop up material in order to transport it. The loader assembly, or bucket, may be a removable attachment or permanently mounted. Often the bucket can be replaced with other devices or tools—for example, many can mount forks to lift heavy pallets or shipping containers, and a hydraulically opening "clamshell" bucket allows a loader to act as a light dozer or scraper. Typical loaders are able to carry anywhere from 0.5 to 36 m3 of material depending on the size and application of the machine.  A loader is common on jobs that are using it to move a stockpiled material from ground level and deposit it into an awaiting dump truck or into an open trench excavation. Tractor loaders are also used for landscaping applications like the skip loader...Make Renting Loaders Simple at Rent It Today!

Wheel Loader Rental

Wheel Loader Rentals

Wheel Loader Rentals:  Find local full size Wheel Loaders and Compact Wheel Loader Rentals available for delivery near your jobsite today. Wheels provide better mobility and speed and do not damage paved roads as much as tracks but provide less traction. Many of the large wheel loaders are commonly called Front Loaders, because they have only a front bucket instead of a front bucket and back hoe like smaller loaders possess. 

Skid Steer Rental

Skid Steer Rentals

Skid Steer For Rent:  A skid steer is a vehicle that is maneuvered by skid steering, a type of steering through braking, or engaging tracks or wheels on one side of the vehicle. A skid steer rental is used by accelerating and decelerating each side of the vehicle at various times. The wheels of the skid steer are in a fixed position, meaning they are non-steerable. There are skid steer loaders with wheels and tracked skid steer loaders or Compact Track Loaders. Wheeled skid steers also have track attachements that can be added to them. Skid steers are often used on construction sites, where a shovel is attached to the front of the vehicle.

Skid Steer Attachment Rental

Skid Steer Attachment Rentals

Skid Steer Attachment RentalsSkid steer loaders, compact track loaders or tracked skid steer rentals, can be equipped with various attachments and skid steer tools to perform different tasks.  The various attachments allow the skid steer to function in a variety of ways on the construction site.

One of the most common bucket skid steer attachments is the bucket. The bucket attachment is used to load, lift, and move loose material on the construction site. Typical skid steer loaders often come equipped with the bucket attachment, because it is the standard skid steer attachment.  Another standard skid steer attachment is the pallet fork attachment.  The pallet fork is used in a variety of settings, including warehouses, farms, and on construction sites.  It functions to easily move large, bulky material across the site.

Another commonly used skid steer tool is the power auger skid steer attachment , which allows the skid steer to easily dig a hole for foundation footings or fence posts. The power auger is commonly used with the blade attachment for the skid steer. The blade attachment is used for leveling and grading sections of the earth. These are often common construction equipment seen on landscaping and construction sites.

Backhoe skid steer attachment is another useful addition to the skid steer. It equips a skid steer with a small excavator arm allowing it to perform the digging functions of a mini excavator. It is considered to be one of the most useful attachments to the skid steer, and is very useful on farms and ranches. The backhoe, which is typically powered by hydraulics, is attached to the back of the skid steer and can be useful in digging trenches or removing tree stumps. Backhoes tend to be a fairly expensive to purchase, so backhoe rental is a very popular option in lieu of purchasing one.

Track Loader Rental

Track Loader Rentals

A track loader rental is a type of heavy construction equipment with a loader for digging and transporting material. It also has tracking similar to that of a bulldozer. Track loaders are able to perform a wide variety of tasks.  The first track loaders for rent were very similar to bulldozers, but were mostly used for moving stockpiles. Early advances to the track loader used hydraulics to power the loader, which also allowed downward force to be applied to the front bucket for digging. Problems arose with this version of the track loader, because the weight of the engine was concentrated near the front of the vehicle, which caused a great deal of wear on the front idler wheels and undercarriage. The Caterpillar 983 track loader, the second largest track loader ever built, was notorious for heavy undercarriage wear. Many other advances have been made to the track loader, which has made it a very popular machine for digging and loading jobs.