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Kitchen Towel Linen rentals in Lexington, KY. In addition to being used at the bar and in the dining room, these towels are often used to clean wine glasses. Linen Finder was created to help food service operators, medical professionals and consumers find the right linen service, supplier, or wholesale distributor. They work with a variety of linen rental companies in different market segments throughout the United States and Canada to find the best possible suppliers in each region. All of the linen rental companies and direct suppliers they work with has passed a rigorous prescreening process and Linen Finder has contacted their existing customers for referrals. Whether you need a daily, weekly, one time rental or purchase you have come to the right place. Rent linens throughout all of Kentucky including but not limited to Lexington, Covington Erlanger, Owensboro, Louisville, Newport and Corbin

Many restaurants use kitchen towels in addition to bar towels. These kitchen towels are generally more expensive than the standard terry towel. In addition to being used at the bar and in the dining room, these towels are often used to clean wine glasses. Kitchen towels are usually offered with a blue or green stripe.

When it comes to the linen supply industry, there are many options available for the wise consumer.These linens will be the image you present to your customers and Linen Finder ensures they provide nothing but the very best. The linen laundry service companies that Linen Finder works with understand the need for consistent, high quality products and a strong personal level of service. As a result they work exclusively with companies that strive to put the customer first. They do this by ensuring the companies in their network maintain a high commitment to linen laundry service. To insure that Linen Finder is providing the best possible product for their customers they routinely follow up on the quality of service coming from the companies within their network. This is donee to insure that you receive the best quality of linen rentals no matter how small or large your linen needs are. Offering Restaurant linens, medical linens, uniform rentals, linen rentals for hotels as well as rental linens for events such as weddings, parties and banquets. Rent linens throughout all of Kentucky, including but not limited to Lexington, Covington, Erlanger, Owensboro, Louisville, Newport, Corbin, Frankfort, Georgetown, Franklin, Oak Grove, Richmond

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