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Infusion Pumps, Fluid Delivery Equipment, Programmable Syringe Pump Rental

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Infusion Pumps for Rent

Infusion pumps, also often called injection or syringe pumps, are used in medical situations that call for fluids to be delivered into the body. More specifically, they deliver serums including insulin, nutrients, pain relievers, and other medication intravenously. Additionally, an infusion pump can be used to maintain nutritional health for a patient requiring tube feeding. Also available in a portable format, the most valuable benefit is the freedom and ability to physically continue completing tasks while the pump is in use.

Infusion Pump Rental

Rent portable infusion pumps

Infusion pump rentals are available from medical equipment companies across the country. When you rent an infusion pump, you will receive a device that delivers large or small amounts of fluid such as nutrients or hormones, antibiotics, and chemotherapy drugs directly into a patient’s circulatory system. Some infusion pumps are meant for stationary use typically located at a patient’s bedside. Ambulatory infusion pumps, however, are constructed to be portable and wearable.

There are different types of infusion pumps, and each are designed to carry out a different specialized purpose. For example, an insulin pump is used specifically to deliver insulin to diabetic patients. Insulin pump rentals are common for home use. Patient-controlled analgesia pumps are operated by the patient, allowing them to self-administer a controlled amount of medication, as needed. Further, an enternal pump is what is utilized when delivering liquid nutrients or medication directly into a patient’s digestive tract.

Each type of infusion pump rental comes with a variety of benefits. Some of those include, programmable dose limits, MRI compatibility, ability to be mounted to an IV pole or isolet, connectivity with the patient’s data management system, rapid occlusion detection, and more.

Syringe Pump Rentals

Syringe Pump Rentals

Certain conditions call for very specific amounts of fluid to be delivered into the body and with very strict timing. These situations require the use of a syringe pump. A syringe pump is a form of infusion pump that administers accurate and precise amounts of fluid in a controlled manner that could otherwise be unreliable if administered manually. Syringe pump rentals are common amongst hospitals, homehealth care facilities, and other medical providers.

For example, a syringe pump can administer as little as 0.1mL of fluid per hour, which is too small an amount for a drip. They can also be programmed to inject a patient every minute or as requested by the patient up to a maximum number per hour. A syringe pump is also best suited for conditions that call for different volumes of fluid to be administered throughout the day. This particular type of infusion pump utilizes a piston syringe as the fluid reservoir to control the fluid application.