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Portable-Air-Conditioner Description

5 Ton Portable Air Conditioner Rentals in Kansas City are designed for portability and convenience, our versatile air-cooled portable air conditioners set up in minutes and their rugged design rolls easily from shop floor to indoor office areas. These units are ideal for a/c failure or planned maintenance, and spot or supplemental cooling of data centers, production areas, temporary facilities, and special events. These units operate at office friendly sound levels.

Water-cooled portable air conditioners do not require condenser air ducting and are ideal for enclosed spaces where you cannot discharge the condenser heat. Alternatively, the rejected heat is transferred through the water leaving the condenser coil to a drain. These units are most cost effective to operate where there is a central chiller plant.

Temp Air HVAC cooling systems are used as both permanent and temporary solutions for heat related problems in thousands of computer server rooms, offices, hospitals, and industrial applications throughout the country and around the world.

Temp Air HVAC equipment rental location provides portable air conditioner rental, spot coolers, commercial mobile ac units, 1 to 5 ton Air cooled portable air conditioning rentals, 1 to 5 ton water cooled portable air conditioning systems for rent, and 12 to 75 ton mobile cooling systems available for both long-term and temporary cooling needs in Kansas City, St Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, and the entire state of Missouri.

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