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Electric Hospital Bed Rental

Local Hospital Bed Rentals:  Renting a hospital bed is a cost-effective way for individuals to obtain medical beds for the home when the bed is only required for a short time. Hospital beds for rent are often covered by insurance or Medicare.  For a bed to be covered by Medicare, however, the bed must be deemed medically necessary and be prescribed by a physician. Commonly, hospital beds rented for home use are Manual, Semi-Electric, or Electric.  The Manual bed is very reliable and easy to use. It is an economical and high value solution. It will consist of a basic bed platform which provides simple and straight-forward operations.  Most Manual beds will be low in height, have a retractable fifth wheel for added stability, a centrally located brake, and siderail positioning. These beds do not require electricity because all positions are controlled with easy-to-use cranks.  Most manual beds have a weight capacity of 450 lbs. Semi-Electric hospital beds have motors and a hand pendant for controlling the head and foot of the bed.  The bed height, however, is set with a hand-crank.

To make life easiest for the patient and caregiver an Electric bed is the best choice.  Head, foot, and bed height is adjustable by using the hand held control. In addition to incorporating all the features that come with the Manual and Semi-Electric bed, the full electric hospital bed rental also has a 110-volt outlet built into the unit.  Hospital bed rentals are an economical way for patients to utilize medical beds and their inherent benefits in a home setting .

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Bariatric Hospital Bed & Lift

Bariatric Hospirtal Bed Rental:  Recovering patients may be required to spend significant time in bed. It is very important that a bed made with good support is used to minimize the risk of injury. This is when a Bariatric hospital bed is very important.  Bariatric beds are made strong enough to support weight ranges from 600 lbs. to even 1,000 lbs. This support is important when the patients' comfort comes first. Some of the new bariatric hospital beds provide progressive mobility with flexible wound and pulmonary therapies in a safe, efficient manner with applications from medical surgery to the ICU. Many bariatric beds also include accessory outlets for use of equipment such as sequential compression devices, patient lifts and air transfer devices.

Other features may include turn assistance, a single-post patient helper trapeze, a seat and foot deflate system, and optional pulmonary features. For patients that require an extra large sleeping space, bariatric hospital beds are a good idea.