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Handicapped Accessible Van Rentals and Wheelchair Ramps For Rent

Handicapped Minivan Rental | Wheelchair Accessible Ramps

Rent  Wheelchair Ramps and Accessible Vans

Don't be confined to your home while in a wheelchair. With the ability to rent Handicapped Accessible Ramps and Vans, it has never been easier or more convenient to travel and reach the destinations of your choice. When needed for short or long term periods of time, renting either the Handicapped Accessible Ramp and/or Van is the most cost effective way to go.

Handicapped Accessible Ramp Rental

modular ramp rental

Unlike having a permanent wheelchair ramp installed at your residence, a ramp rental will usually not require any building permits, property tax assessments, or damage to your property.  If you choose to move, the wheelchair ramp can easily be dismantled and taken with you. This is especially helpful if you are not sure how long you will need the wheelchair ramp.  In some cases, insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of a ramp rental, especially in cases where the ramp allows for home physical therapy instead of an extended hospital or rehabilitation stay. Other reasons to rent Handicapped Accessible Ramps are for those who are traveling and want to make their van or destination accomodations accessible for a wheelchair. Portable wheelchair ramps come in all varieties. It all depends on the users needs. For accessing vans there are multi-fold, telescopic, and roll-up ramps. A threshold ramp allows a wheelchair to cross the threshold of a doorway much easier. There are also the most portable ramps, called suitcase and roll-up ramps, that help wheelchair users up curbs and short steps. When looking to rent a wheelchair ramp, keep safety in mind first and foremost. Look for ramp surfaces which are grated, allowing rain and snow to pass through. Also, a raised edge will give the wheelchair an extra grip so that the wheels will more firmly stick to the surface. This will help a person safely navigate the wheelchair ramp. These ramps for rent can also be used by individuals who use mobility scooters.  Handicapped Accessible Ramps can make previously inaccessible areas and locations both inside and outside the home and on vacations and travel destinations more accessible to wheelchair users. They are designed for all types of wheelchairs, power chairs and scooters and can be used in interiors or exteriors, and be permanent or portable depending on your specific needs and wants.

Handicapped Accessible Van Rental

handicapped van rentals

No longer does a wheelchair user have to be confined to their home. People with disabilities who have the need for a wheelchair should have access to different travel options. One such option is the Handicapped Accessible Van. The demand for Handicapped Accessible Vans has continued to increase. There is now more inventory, a greater selection, and more options to satisfy the mobility needs of wheelchair users. All the major automobile makers offer specialty handicapped accessible vans. The mobility vans come with either a side entry or rear entry and can be full sized or minivan. Side entry and rear entry vans can accomodate either 1 or 2 wheelchair passengers depending on your needs. A side entry van allows easy access to the center of the vehicle as well as to the front driver or passenger positions. Also a benefit with a side entry van is that the wheelchair enters through the side and not in the traffic lane in parking lots. A rear entry van, however, eliminates the concern of being parked too close to other cars in a parking lot thus making it too difficult to  get in. A rear entry van also van also gives you access to the vehicle by allowing the wheelchair user to enter in a straight line thus requiring no turning of the wheelchair.  Whether long term or just a rental for a vacation, special occasion or a doctor's appointment, a handicapped accessible van can give a wheelchair user the flexibility and freedom that they otherwise wouldn't enjoy.