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Virtual Golf Sales & Event Rentals can give you a complete, easy to operate, multimedia golf simulator for your round course play, instruction, and entertainment. Whether it's giving the most meaningful lessons possible, playing beautiful golf courses, or reclining in front of the hug screen to watch movies or sporting events, Virtual Golf simulators are perfect for the year round facility. Virtual Golf integrates all aspects of a golfer's game in an easy to understand format that can be recorded for future review throughout Washington DC, Arlington, Mount Rainier, Chillum, Takoma Park, and the Washington DC area.

With multiple different golf simulators to chose from you will surely find one that best fits your needs. Playing golf indoors has never been more fun. You will have a variety of real golf courses to chose from along with 56 computer generated golf courses. From the beginning to the end you will see your ball flight along with showing hooks, fades and straight shots. You are sure to please your guest with one of these simulators at your even.

Virtual Golf Sales uses a "Silent Screen" to greatly reduce the noise from the ball striking the screen and is made to last through many thousands of golf ball impacts. There is no ball bounce back, and no center seam with Virtual Golf Sales "Silent Screen".

Virtual Golf Sales and Event Rentals is a nationwide company offering virtual golf simulators for any event or function. Grab your clubs and enjoy indoor golf on one of a galaxy of virtual golf courses. From the moment you put your Titleist on the tee and take your first swing, you’ll feel like you are golfing outdoors. We can’t guarantee you’ll be ready for the PGA Tour when you’re done, but you or your group will love the experience. Rent a golf simulator and make your event one that’s both fun and memorable throughout Washington DC, District of Columbia, DC, D.C. Washington D.C.Arlington and surrounding area.

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