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Game-Shows Description

Model #: Game Show

Host A Game Show Party in or near the Portland, Oregon area. Let us customize our Survey Says game with questions about your team and friends. The crowd has a riot trying to guess and watching their friends do their best to win on stage. A great part about our Game Show Mania is how the guests who want to be up in front of people having fun get the chance while the guests who just want to sit back and have fun watching can do that. Our professional Game Show Host lets the guests be the stars, while the Co-host Assistant plays fun sound bytes and themed music.

Do you want a fun trivia contest to wrap up an education session or test the family knowledge? Our Game Show Maniac is the ticket! Our Host gets teams of participants to step up to the challenge in Team Jeopardy.

Plan a game show party in areas like Springfield, Beaverton, Eugene Salem and all of Oregon. Call 503-821-7513

Other Fun Games:

Name That Tune / Video / Picture – Use audio clips of popular songs, TV Theme songs and video clips.

Battle of the Sexes – Gals answer trivia questions about tools, cars, science and mechanics while guys answer questions about movies, novels, styles, and decorating.

Music & Karaoke Bingo – Have your guests fill up their bingo card based on either the title of each song that is either played or sung by other guests!

Professional Game Show Podiums and Hosts – All of our game shows come complete with a professional setup and appearance to emulate your favorite television game shows. We can customize most of our games to each event with custom questions, contests, etc.

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