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Find local Forklift rentals near you. Forklifts are powered material handling machines used to lift and transport heavy material. Choose from a wide selection of forklift leasing options including standard forklifts, warehouse forklifts, straight mast rough terrain forklifts, and telehandlers or reach forklifts.

Standard Forklift Rental

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A Standard Forklift is the vehicle most people think of when they think forklift. Standard Forklifts are available with a variety of fuel and tire types as well as numerous weight capacities, lift heights, and attachment options.

The standard forklift is normally used in small businesses or warehouses that utilize a single truck. They normally weigh between 3000 and 4000 lbs and are wide aisle trucks that require at least 11’ to turn. Standard forklifts are used to reach heights around 20 feet.

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Warehouse Forklift Rental

Local Warehouse Forklifts For Rent

Warehouse forklifts are generally designed for indoor use, although some can be indoor/outdoor when used at at manufacturing centers. These forklifts produce low emissions, and their engines are designed to run more quietly than other forklifts since they are usually being used indoors.

Warehouse forklift rentals are typically smaller than standard forklifts, since they often need to be able to operate and turn in tight areas. Most are equipped with pneumatic tires, which make the forklifts better for indoor use. 

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Straight Mast Rough Terrain Forklift Rental

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Rough terrain forklifts are examples of material handling equipment whose characteristic large tires with deep treads allow them to manuever over tricky ground without slipping or sliding.  These material handling trucks tend to operate using an internal combustion engine and often run on regular gasoline. Many rough terrain forklifts have load capacities up to four thousand pounds. 

In addition to functioning well on unpaved surfaces, these all terrain forklifts also work well on paved floors or smooth surfaces. This makes it possible to use one unit to transport materials from an outside working area into a warehouse or other finished space. 

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Reach Forklift Rental & Telehandlers

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A telehandler or telescopic handler, commonly referred to as a reach forklift, is a type of material handling truck that looks similar to a rough terrain straight mast forklift, but also possesses some crane-like characteristics. The telescopic boom attachment makes a telehandler the perfect vehicle when it comes to high reach material handling applications. Thes Forklift Booms have the ability to extend their loads forward and upward from the vehicle. 

Telehandlers are becoming increasing popular in many areas because they are more versitale than cranes, are typically designed to work on rough terrain, and are therefore able to perform the duties of a variety of material handling and heavy construction equipment rental machines.

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