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Where to Rent IV Pole Palm Springs CA


Rental Rates:

      Weekly Rental Price: $35.00
      Monthly Rental Price: $50.00

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IV-Pole Description

Are you looking to rent an IV Pole near Palm Springs, California? The importance of Intravenous fluids (IV fluids) in addressing any number of medical conditions, including surgery, is well known. Therefore your staff and patients benefit from the administration of these fluids simply and efficiently. IV poles help streamline the delivery process by providing hooks on which to hang IV solution. The four-wheel, sturdy base enables the user or caregiver to move the device with minimal effort. Whether you're a caregiver looking for efficient administration of intravenous fluids, or a hospital administrator looking to rent additional medical equipment, you're in the right place.

When you need an IV Pole delivered in Catherdral City, Palm Desert, White Water, Pinyon Crest, Rancho Mirage in California, US Medical And Mobility has you covered. If you have additional questions about rental terms, pricing, or delivery option of adding on additional medical equipment to rent please contact us at 760-325-8988 .

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