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Exotic Cars for Rent

Planning a big evening out on the town, and need a luxury car or exotic car rental to make the night complete? Check out Rentittoday.com for our luxury car rentals and exotic automobile providers! Whether you are planning on arriving in style to your high school reunion, school dance, or dinner date, or maybe you just want to cruise around in your dream car for a day, we have what you’re looking for. If you prefer a flashier vehicle, check out our Ferrari or Bentley rentals, and ride around town just like a celebrity!

"Virtually every metropolitan area worldwide has at least an agency or two that rent exotic and luxury cars for an hour, day, week, or longer. A good place to start your research is at the exotic car section of RentItToday.com, which has everything from Aston Martins to Ferrari Spyders."  - Ocean Home Magazine 2012

Make your next vacation extra special by checking out our Los Angeles luxury car rentals, Miami exotic car rentals, or any other major cities you plan on visiting. No matter what the occasion or destination, an exotic car rental will ensure you ride in style! 

Lamborghini Rentals

Lamborghinis for Rent

When you think of exotic car rentals, one of the first vehicles most individuals think of is the Lamborghini. The exotic, futuristic design, complete with the signature scissor doors that open vertically, is enough to make people stop and stare. It is one of the most expensive and fastest cars in the world today, going from 0 to 62 mph in only 2.5 seconds, with the ability to reach speeds near 180 mph.

 Imagine driving around town in this dream car for a day, or even better, make it happen with RentItToday.com’s Lamborghini rentals!  You are sure to turn heads when you are seen driving around in one of the fastest, most expensive, and most exotic cars on the market today.

Ferrari Rentals

Rent a red Ferrari Convertable

Ferrari’s have long been considered one of the world’s fastest and most prestigious cars. Enzo Ferrari’s main purpose when creating this stylish vehicle was to provide the type of speed every racecar driver desires. Although Ferraris are now seen as more of an exotic car than a speed car, auto enthusiasts know what this car can do. The fastest Ferrari model is capable of going from 0 to 100 mph in just 3.2 seconds! Turn heads in your neighborhood - check out our Ferrari rentals, and you can be riding in style!

Bentley Rentals & Luxury Sedans

Silver Bentley Rental

If you are looking for a ride around town in a stylish automobile built for speed and beauty, the Bentley car rental is made for you. The Bentley is among the finest luxury car rentals. 

Since 1920, Bentley Motors has been providing customers with quality cars that are top of the line in style, speed, and class. Reaching speeds of 195 miles per hour, the Bentley will get you where you need to be in no time! Whether you are interested in going back to the good old days with a classic Bentley rental, or traveling in the most modern line of Bentley rentals,

Luxury SUV Rentals

Range Rover For Rent

Going out on the town with a group of friends? Check out our luxury SUV rentals, including Escalades and Range Rovers. With the SUV being a popular sports car rental, Rent It Today offers the flashiest vehicles to our customers.

The Cadillac Escalade rental offers customers a youthful and flamboyant means of transportation for your big night. The newest generation Escalade has an engine delivering massive horsepower, meaning quick acceleration no matter what the situation!  With room for up to eight passengers, the Escalade rental is the perfect choice for a night on the town.

Another popular SUV rental is the Range Rover rental.  Equipped with 4-wheel drive, the Range Rover is often depicted as an off-road vehicle, however with newer and more modern versions, the Range Rover can be used for urban travel as well. The Range Rover includes room for up to seven passengers, including two safari seats facing the rear of the vehicle. 

Exotic Car Rental Company Advertising and Marketing at RentItToday.com

Own an exotic car rental company?  Rentittoday.com would be the perfect place to market your exotic car business, and gain new customers! By adding your luxury vehicle rental company to our exotic car listings, customers from all over the world will be able to view your rentals and become interested in your company. Being a search-engine dominator, Rent It Today offers you a variety of opportunities to become involved with many more customers. Contact us today to have your exotic car rentals posted on our site!