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Excavator Rentals, Diggers, and Excavation Construction Equipment for Rent

Do you need to rent an excavator? Are you looking for the best rental rates and rental options? Start your search today for the right excavation equipment here on Rent It Today. We have a variety of rental equipment providers happy to help you. Find local excavator rentals available today for all your excavation and construction needs.

Choose from mini, midi, and full size / standard excavators ranging from less than 6 metric tons to over 90 tons.

Excavators combined with available hydraulic attachments are used for a wide variety of construction applications including digging, earth moving, demolition, material handling, brush cutting, forestry work, landscaping, and heavy craning....Make renting excavators simple at Rent It Today!

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EC210C Crawler Excavator Rental Near You

Excavator for rent near me!  Excavator rentals can be rented for your biggest general construction jobs including earthmoving, quarrying, mining, scrap handling and road building.  Interchangeable front attachments are also available.

'Midi' Class excavators are available from 6 to 10 metric tons.

"Standard' or Full Size Class crawler excavators are available from 10 to 90 metric tons.

Wheeled excavator rentals offer high travel speed coupled with a smooth ride, making them very efficient. Wheeled excavators are typically more environmentally friendly, with generally lower external levels of sound. The tracks on crawler excavators make them weigh more and can tear up soft terrain and asphalt. As a result wheeled excavators are an excellent option when working on roadways, parking lots, and established turf. 

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Mini Excavator For Rent

Compact or Mini excavator rentals can be used in tight spots where a larger excavator may not have practical access.  Having a smaller footprint in combination with significantly smaller swing radius makes a compact excavator well suited for working in a confined area. Some compact excavators are small enough to fit through a residential gate. Some are designed with rubber treads to minimize damage to lawns.

Functions of the compact excavator include digging, tracking, and grading, leveling, trenching, and basic dozer functions. Breaking up rock, digging trenches for pipe, digging holes for pools or septic tanks, and landscaping are all jobs these machines are designed to handle.

Heavy Crawler or Mining Excavators

Rent excavators used for mining and aggregate applications

Heavy duty crawler excavators are rented for use in surface mining and open pit mining operations. These excavators exceed the 90 ton metric weight class. They are typically only rented on long term contracts from authorized equipment manufacturer dealers and specialty equipment companies. 

Bucket wheel excavators and other large-scale mining equipment such as bucket chain excavators are among the largest vehicles ever constructed.

Hydraulic Attachments, Excavator Tools, and Accessories For Rent

Local Hydraulic Excavator Attachments For Rent

Excavators can be equipped with a variety of hydraulic attachments and tools which allow the rental equipment to perform multiple construction applications. This makes them an extremely versatile machine and is why they are always seen at work in the construction, mining and aggregate industries.

Frequently rented attachments include different sized buckets, concrete/stone breakers and processors, augers, compaction wheels and grapples.

Many excavators feature a quick coupler, which allows for simplified attachment mounting, increasing the utilization of the excavator on the site.

- Tilt buckets which are used for digging large holes or scooping up rocks and dirt to be moved out of the way.
- Grapples are used for picking up rocks and trees and other large objects that buckets can't scoop up.
- Clearing rakes are utilized for filtering through dirt to remove unwanted objects or smoothing out a surface.
- Metal shears for cutting metal and other very hard materials that you need cut into different sections.
- Wood splitters which are used for cutting trees into different sections for easier hauling.