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Endoscopy Rentals

Endoscopy is a way of looking inside the body for medical reasons using a flexible tube that has a small camera on the end of it.  The instrument used for this procedure is called an endoscope.  Endoscopes can be rented to perform several different procedures and exams on different organs of the body.

Surgical Endoscopy Rentals, Lease New or Refurbished Endoscopy Equipment

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Surgical endoscopy equipment can be rented to perform tests on several different areas of the body.  Endoscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic medical procedure. It is used to examine the interior surfaces of an organ or tissue. The endoscope can be fitted with surgical instruments to perform specialized tasks. For example, an arthroscope examines joints, an hysteroscope is used to examine a woman's uterus, a laparoscope examines the abdominal cavity, and an angioscope examines capillaries. These are just a few of the different endoscopes that can be performed by leasing endoscopy equipment.

Flexible Endoscope Rental, Surgical Endoscopes For Rent

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Flexible endoscopes are one type of equipment that can be rented to perform an endoscopic procedure.  They are exactly as their name implies, flexible.  The flexible endoscope is passed through a natural body opening or a small incision.  This equipment is a long, thin flexible tube with a light or lenses and a video camera on the end that can look into the esophagus, stomach and colon.  They can help doctors look deep inside body structures and organs.

Endoscopy Camera Head Rental, Lease Endoscopes

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When performing an endoscopy procedure it is important to rent the best endoscopy camera head equipment.  The flexible tube sends the video camera inside the patient's body.  The endoscopy camera then captures the images of the organs which then can be seen on a screen.  The whole endoscopy is recorded so that doctors can check it again.  The endoscopy is often used to confirm a diagnosis when other devices such as MRIs, X-rays, or CT scans are considered inappropriate. These endoscopy cameras help doctors see and record images which would normally be too small to otherwise see inside the patient's body with a small and relatively painless device.

Lease Surgical Endoscopy Light Sources

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Renting surgical endoscopy lighting is also necessary when renting endoscopy equipment and cameras.  Using the correct light source helps maximize the high-definition video and camera equipment being used so the most brilliant and detailed pictures can be obtained from the surgical procedure. There are several different types of lighting. Two popular ones are a LED light source and a Metal Halide light source. The LED source is very durable, usually works for over 10 years is battery powered, doesn't need fiber optic cables or electrical cords, and uses bright white beams. The Metal Halide light source uses warm colors, rather than halogen lights and has a very intense, bright light.  Whatever your surgical lighting needs, Rent It Today will have what is necessary to help perform the highest standard of endoscopic testing.

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