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Projection-Screen Description

Model #: Peroni

Draper Ultimate Folding Screen Kits rental in Denver, CO. Multimedia Audio Visual offers this kit that comes supplied with the required items needed for your next event. Screens may need MAV personnel for set up and tear down. Charges for the labor will be assessed in addition to the rental rate.

Questions? We invite you to contact us and we will gladly assist you.

Projection-Screen Specifications:


  • 6'X8' UFS Front or Rear Fabric
  • 6'X8' Black Drape Kit
  • 7.5'X10' USF Front or Rear Fabric
  • 7.5'X10' Black Drape Kit
  • 9'X12' UFS Front or Rear Fabric
  • 9'X12' Black Drape Kit

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