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Audio-Recorder Description

Fostex sound equipment for rent in New York, NY. The Fostex PD-4 is a professional four head timecode Digital Audio Tape recorder combined with a high quality three channel mixer in one portable package. Hit and Run Productions has everything an independent filmmaker would need. From cameras, sound systems, lighting and wardrobe the can meet the needs of any film production. They have a massive inventory of camera rental equipment including video camera rentals, lenses, lighting and audio equipment services as well as cables, jibs, decks, grip accessories and much more. Servicing the Greater New York metro area with their video production equipment, including but not limited to New York City, and the five Boroughs; Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island. Video camera rentals NYC.

The Fostex PD-4 includes features such as:
- Two 16-bit digital audio channels.
- Four-head design allows confidence monitoring (simultaneous recording and playback) of audio data.
- Record and playback capabilities of SMPTE/EBU time code, IECC format.
- Compatible with all DAT recorders.
- Three sample frequencies: 48 kHz, 48.048 kHz, and 44.1 kHz.
- The PD-4 generates time code using a crystal clock. This offers improved flexibility in time code applications, allowing independent operation of the unit.
- The internal battery can be replaced without interruption of the internal time code synchronization.
- Includes a three channel mixer to enable the recording of voice plus a stereo background at a remote location without having to carry an external mixer.
- Each channel of the mixer has a L C R panpot switch, 48V DC phantom power, continuously variable high-pass filter, and 20 dB microphone attenuation.
- Full-logic transport to prevent errors in operation.
- Digital data transfer using either consumer (SPDIF) or professional (AES/EBU) data formats (IEC 958).
- Sound monitoring by stereo headphones or the built-in loudspeaker. The headphone jack switches between the two.
- Rugged but lightweight portable construction.

Hit & Run has an extensive equipment list which includes everything from Arriflex camera packages to Fostex sound recording equipment. Hit & Run also has an extensive Wardrobe and props department, which includes police and military uniforms, theatrical handguns, and rifles. Hit & Run can also provide any production unit with professional crew, based right here in New York City. Contact Hit and Run for any of your New York Video Camera Rental needs. Servicing all of New York including New York City, and the five Boroughs; Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island

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