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Repeater Description

Model #: XPR 8400

Repeater for rent in Detroit, MI from Day Wireless Systems. The Motorola XPR 8400 Repeater is available in UHF and VHF frequency bands, the XPR 8400 repeater utilizes dynamic mixed mode capability to ease migration by automatically switching between analog and digital mode. The Motorola XPR 8400 Repeater rental supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital mode, doubling capacity without additional equipment.

MOTOTRBO Repeater for rent is a 2-Slot "Time-division multiple-access" (TDMA) digital platform that allows for two simultaneous conversations to occur on one 12.5 kHz. digital frequency by splitting the traffic packets into "time-slots". Channels are no longer single frequencies, they are broken down into talkgroups which are spread across the two slots. In addition, text messaging and private calls can be achieved. Couple this technology with the vastly growing internet c-Bridge community and you're connected throughout the world.

XPR 8400 Motorola Digital Repeater is available in Detroit, MI area. The XPR 8400 combines the technology of both the two way radios and digital technology. There now is increased capacity, great voice quality, enhanced battery performance, and integrated data communication. The XPR 8400 eases migration with dynamic mixed mode capability by automatically switching between digital and analog mode. The XPR 8400 supports two simultaneous voice and data paths in digital mode.

Renting a Motorola XPR 8400 Repeater is an exellent choice for key industries like: Commercial Systems, Construction, Education, Energy or Utilities, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Service Industry, Transportation and more.

Please contact Day Wireless Systems at 800-235-7011 with any questions. The Motorola XPR Digital Repeater is available for rent in Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor and all of Michigan

*Handheld Two Way Radios and Walkie Talkie Accessories rented seperately.

Repeater Specifications:

Digital Motorola XPR 8400 Repeater For Rent in Detroit,Michigan

Motorola XPR 8400 Features

•100% continuous duty at 35W/800 MHz.
•Supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode.
•Integrated power supply with connector for optional external DC battery backup.
•Operates in analog or digital mode – bright, clear, colored LE Ds indicate mode.
•LED's clearly indicate transmit and receive modes in both channel slots.
•Rack- or wall-mountable – compatible with desktop housing as well.
•Sturdy handles make installation and handling easier.

Additional Features

•Automated battery back-up (battery sold separately)
•Operates in 800/900 MHz frequency bands
•6.25e Compliant*
•Dynamic mixed mode capability allows for automatic switching between analog and digital conventional modes
•Repeater diagnostic and control software provides remote or local site monitoring
•IP repeater programming uses Internet Protocol (IP) at a central location to complete programming changes and upgrades on remotely located repeaters

Day Wireless Systems offers a range of radio rental opportunities to meet your short-term two-way communications needs. Our experienced rental department can answer all your questions regarding the best Digital Repeater option for your event. To learn more about how much it might cost tin the Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, Sterling Heights, Lansing, Ann Arbor area give us a call.

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