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Maine International GPS Unit Rentals-Portland Navigation System Rental

International GPS Navigation Systems for rent. Our GPS Unit Rentals are cover Australia, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Mexico, Israel and Canada. LowerGear has perfected the nationwide shipping model for electronic rentals and camping equipment rentals. Knowing where you are going is important, by renting a GPS handheld unit you will stay on track while camping, hiking, hunting and geocaching. International GPS Unit Rentals.

LowerGear Outdoor Rentals and Sales is one member of the world's largest online outdoor gear and gadget rental company family. They rent all the camping gear basics such as tents and backpacks; hard to find rental gear like water filters & trekking poles; and handheld GPS units for trail use and geocaching events. They also sell a few camping supplies and incidentals to go along with their rental gear.

From their facility in Tempe, Arizona they meet the needs of the family-of-four; the solo long distance hiker; or a group of hundreds going on a camping retreat anywhere in the country. They ship camping gear directly to you at any location you specify. Use it, enjoy it, re-box it and drop it off at a nearby UPS Store or other UPS authorized shipping center. Find anything you need for camping, backpacking and more from LowerGear, they have a complete outdoor rental gear selection. They also sell camping and outdoor supply basics so you can get all you need from just one source. Rent camping and backpacking gear like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, gps systems and much more in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, South Portland, Auburn, Biddeford, Augusta, Saco and all of Maine.

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