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Satellite-Internet Description

Model #: Explorer 500

Rent A Explorer 500 BGAN Broadband unit in Minneapolis, Rochester, Duluth, Bloomington and anywhere in Minnesota from Satmodo. The Explorer 500 satellite BGAN is the 1.3 KG satellite terminal that gives you broadband where there is no broadband. The EXPLORER 500 Inmarsat BGAN terminal includes: Carrying Case, 2 Batteries, Travel Charger, International Adapter and a user manual. The EXPLORER 500 offers the performance you need to carry out your work in the field, with high quality voice and broadband up to 464 kbps. With the power to provide standard/premium voice, email, web browsing, VPN, video/audio streaming, and access to work-specific IP applications, location or environment is no longer a barrier to getting the job done. Explorer 500 from Applied Satellite Technology provides mobile communications via the highest bandwidth available on the Inmarsat satellite network.

Inmarsat Explorer 500 BGAN terminal for rent is an excellent choice when traveling to remote areas of the world.

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Satellite-Internet Specifications:

BGAN Inmarsat Explorer 500 For Rent in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Remote high-speed access to your corporate network, enabling access to company and customer information.
Internet Access at speeds up to 464 kbps (VBR)
RJ11 port to plug in any standard phone
Streaming select guaranteed quality of service up to 128kbps on demand, e.g. for video, audio
Extremely robust - both splash-resistant and dust-resistant
Highly flexible - caters to individuals and small teams on the move

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