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Multimedia Audio Visual

2640 South Raritan Circle
Denver, CO 80110

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TV Description

HD TV rentals in Denver, CO. Multimedia Audio Visual offers this LCD TV which would be ideal for your next corporate meeting or seminar. This TV has a 1080p plasma display that is guaranteed to produce positive productivity.

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TV Specifications:


  • Reduces reflectoins with the ultra clear panel
  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio that makes the images pop
  • 600Hz subfield motion
  • Reduces energy with smart light sensors

Multimedia Audio Visual also rents these size televisions:

  • 65", 60", 50", 43", 46", 42", 40", 37", 32", 27", 24", 23", 20" and 17"

Audio Visual, Staging and Event Production Rentals in Denver, CO. Multimedia-AV has served Denver and national markets with unparalleled professionalism, customer support and event acumen for 19 years. Their competitive edge in technology is second only to the client-centered approach which is their hallmark. They cordially invite you to contact them and evaluate your rental needs. COntact us today for rental rates i Denver Colorado.

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