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Electronics for Rent

Why rent audio visual electronics? There are a number of situations that call for an electronic rental in today's technology-savvy world. Electronics are used in most every facet of life including home, office, education, retail, dining, and recreation. People in every profession, of every background, and every age utilize electronics and technology in some manner.

Some situations are electronically dependent, and would suffer greatly if their electronic item were out of commission. If you work for an online business, in a restaurant that uses credit card machines, for a dj company, or rely on an electronic item in any capacity, there is no need to worry when that product experiences a malfunction or becomes damaged. Instead, relieve your anguish while the item is being fixed by renting one through Rent It Today.

AV Rental, Audio Visual Equipment & Video Projectors For Rent

Audio Visual Equipment For Rent

The most effective way to relay information to a group of people is through the use of audio visual (AV) equipment. By using AV rental electronics, you engage your audience two-fold. During the verbal presentation of the information, the use of a video projector adds visual support to enhance your message. By utilizing a projector during your session, you can highlight key information with bullet points, add entertaining images, and further support your topic with graphs and charts.

Trade Show Tv Rental Displays

Televisions and HDTV Rentals

When the big game is coming on or you are having a viewing party of any sort, watch in style by renting a state of the art television. Through Rent It Today, you can rent a Plasma or Liquid Crystal Display High Definition Television (LCD HDTV). Both provide an excellent viewing experience sure to entertain your guests.

Other situations in which a television rental would be an asset are during a convention, tradeshow, or large personal event. By utilizing a Plasma or LCD HDTV, you can provide an optimum viewing experience for your audience in the form of pictures, videos, shows, or by information acquired from your personal computer.

Karaoke Machines & Video Game Consoles

Gaming Console Rentals

Looking for a way to liven up a party? Nobody can resist the fun of karaoke, but buying a karaoke machine can be a costly investment. The best way to invigorate guests, make memories to last a lifetime, and ensure a good time for your attendees is to rent a karaoke machine. Amateurs singing their favorite tunes would be a great addition to any weekend gathering, birthday party, charity event, or school fundraiser.

If you are hosting a party, holding a conference, or are planning an interactive event, you can also rent game consoles. Some of the more popular versions available for rent are the Nintendo Wii, XBOX 360, and Sony Playstation. Gaming equipment, including Guitar Hero, can also make your event memorable and energize the participants of an otherwise routine corporate event. After an enjoyable renting experience with a gaming console, you may consider one for purchase. With Rent It Today, you can locate companies offering items with a rent to own option.

Microphone Rentals, PA Systems, & Sound Equipment

Microphones, Mixers, and Sound Systems

Is your school or church hosting a talent show? Is it time for your company’s big annual fundraiser? Are you a speaker at a conference or training? In all three formats, as well as numerous others, quality sound equipment is imperative. Sound equipment can also be referenced as public address (PA) or sound system equipment. The use of microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and mixers all comprise the making of a sound system.

Microphones are becoming more comprehensive and come in different formats, including push-to-talk and wireless headset. It is difficult to keep up with the best in sound equipment when technology is constantly changing. Therefore, instead of buying a microphone that may quickly become obsolete, it is better to rent the most up-to-date versions available.