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Rent Dump Truck

The first dump truck was created in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1920 when Robert Mawhinney attached a dump box to a flat bed truck. The box was lifted by a cable attached to a pulley mounted behind the cab. The operator turned a crank to raise and lower the dump box. Today most trucks operate by use of hydraulics, and are each designed to perform a specific task in the construction industry. Dump trucks are used to transport loose material for construction jobs. They are normally built for some off-road or construction site driving. The height of the driver’s seat and internal frame are built specifically to ensure the driver’s safety on the job. Dump truck rental is helpful because is allows the operator to unload the material without physically handling it.

Haulers & Articulating Dump Truck Rental

rent a articulating dump truck

An articulating dump truck is built with a special hinge between the dump box and the cab of the vehicle. These trucks differ from others because the cab is permanently fixed, and not detachable like many other semi trailer trucks. When the load is ready to be dumped, the entire rear of the truck is lifted, instead of only the dump box being lifted. The vehicle is steered with hydraulics that move the entire cab instead of the typical steering that only turns the front axle. An articulating dump truck rental is highly adaptable to rough terrain.  There has recently been a growing demand for articulating dump truck rentals, due to their versatility and durability.

Dump Truck Rentals

rent dump trucks

A standard dump truck is composed of a standard truck framework and a dump box mounted to the frame. The bed of the truck is raised by a hydraulic ram, and the back of the bed is hinged at the rear of the truck. The tailgate of the truck can be made to swing on hinges or it can be configured to be operated by pneumatic rams that lift and open the gate. The standard dump truck for rent has one front axle and one rear axle with two tires on each side. The rear axles can either be powered or unpowered, with most unpowered rear axles having the ability to be raised off the ground, and can become load-bearing is the load needs extra support,  to minimize wear and tear on the truck when it is unloading the material being transported. These types of axles are referred to as lift axles, and they can be steerable or non-steerable. If the lift axles are steerable, they have one wheel on each side, instead of two on each side. Common configurations for standard dump trucks include – six wheelers with one rear powered axle, ten wheelers with two powered axles, tri-axle with one lift axle and two powered axles, and the quad with two lift axles and two powered axles. The largest standard dump truck has seven axles and is commonly referred to as a  “centipede.”

Stake Bed Work Trucks

nationwide stake bed truck rentals

The stake bed work truck for rent is one of the most popular trucks for transporting goods. Stake bed  trucks have taller sides to ensure that the cargo remains inside.  The stake bed can be large or small, depending on what it is needed for. Many stake-beds have tuck-away lift gates that assist in moving large objects without a forklift.

Water Truck Rentals

water truck rentals

Water trucks are specially designed to carry and transport water. Water trucks have varying carrying capacities, ranging from 7,500 liters to 19,000 liters. Each water truck for rent is equipped with a filling tank, sprinkling system, medicine feeding pump, and a water cannon. When shooting a straight stream of water it can reach up to 28 meters.  The water truck can spray up to 15 meters when misting. The water truck uses these specialized pieces of equipment to perform a variety of functions on the construction site. Some common functions of the water truck are transporting water, garden watering, fire fighting, street flushing, dust control, and to spray agricultural chemicals. The water truck rental performs a variety of functions to make it an essential tool on the construction site.

Water Trailer Rental, Lease Heavy Duty Trailers

water trailer rentals

Water trailers for rent are designed for on-site water delivery, dust control on construction sites, heavy equipment washing, racetrack use and parking lots. Water trailers come equipped with a variety of pumps, hose reels, spray bars, hydrant fill pipes and more.  The water trailer rentals vary in size, depending on the function it is needed to perform. The most common sizes range from 325-gallon water trailers to 2035-gallon water trailers.  Common functions of water trailers include watering trees, agricultural watering, ditch jetting, washing machinery, fighting fires, and watering concrete slabs.

Heavy-duty trailer rentals are capable of moving very large construction equipment. There are many different sizes of heavy-duty trailers, depending on what needs to be carried. Often, heavy-duty trailers are used for moving pieces of equipment from site to site. A heavy-duty trailer for rent can attach to a truck for easy transportation.