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Ducati Motorcycle Rentals

Ducati is a renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer. Founded in 1926 by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, the iconic motorcycle established its reputation for hand-built motorcycles worldwide. Ducati motor bikes are best known for their sleek appearance and high performance. Ducati motorcycles are characterized by large capacity four-stroke, V-twin engines and desmodromic valve design. Ducati is currently owned by German automotive manufacturer Audi through Italian subsidiary Lamborghini.

History of Ducati Motorcycles

Ducati Cucciolos

Long associated with motorcycle racing, Ducati started out as a manufacturer for electronic components. Founded in 1926, the Ducati family would launch a brand that soon became a world leader in the manufacture of radios, electronic components and cameras. In 1946, war-torn Italy would become a well-spring for manufacturers such as Ducati to capitalize on the growing demand for light, efficient transportation in a recovering economy.

Their first motorbike, Cucciolo (little pup) would become a massive hit with Italian consumers. By 1950, over 200,000 Cucciolos had been produced, with a motor capacity of 65cc that put out a modest 2 horsepower.

In 1954, engineer Fabio Taglioni joined Ducati. The esteemed engineer known for avant-garde and non-conformist designs participated in long-distance races at Milano-Taranto and Giro d'Italia.

Despite growing motor sizes and and streamlined body styles, the Italian motorcycle market stagnated into the 1960s. Diminishing demand for motorcycles affected Ducati, as well as dozens of other motorcycle manufacturers. Lack of Italian presence in the racing scene and introduction of the Fiat 500 cut into the dwindling Ducati sales. Into the late '60s, Ducati focused on downsizing and focusing on foreign markets where the Scrambler 250 was introduced to the US market. The Apollo, 90 degrees L-twin engine was created during this period.

In 1967 Ducati revolutionized its engine format by introducting the Desmodromic system which was only employed in racing bikes. The 350 and 450cc engines would be popular throughout the '70s. With that popularity came the resurgence of Ducati racing, with their participation in the Imola 200 Miles--powered by a new twin cylinder desmodromic engine.

In 1983, Ducati was purchased by Claudio and Gianfranco Castiglioni--joining the Cagiva Group. The two great motorbike fans would take Ducati forward through the Superbike era, beginning in 1988 with the 851, constructed by Massimo Bordi.

Into the 21st century, Ducati has found new success in the world of motorcycle racing. In 2007, Ducati too its first MotoGP World Title - the first in 33 years for an Italian motorbike company.

Ducati Monster 1200 and Ducati Monster 821

Ducati Monster Rentals

The aggresive build of the Ducati Monster gives riders the convenience of modern technology with a classic design. The tubular steel trellis frame in the Monster is an integral part of the design and structural efficiency of the motorcycle.

Monster 1200 provides three riding modes, adjustable seat and passenger handles. With the new Testastretta 11° DS engine, almost every terrain is yours to own.

Monster 821 combines an unmistakable body with a 112hp Testastretta 11° engine. Ride in comfort with multiple riding modes and Trellis frame.

Ducati Multistrada

Ducati Multistrada Rentals

Introduced in 2003, the Ducati Multistrada is designed to handle asphalt and unpaved surfaces, hence the Italian world Multistrada translates to "many roads". This bike is ideal for touring riders due to its upright riding position. This motorcycle competes in the multi-purpose and dual-sport bike motorcycle market.

Multistrada 1200 - Featuring a retuned version of the Testasretta engine, this superbike has won the 1205 Division of Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 2010, 2011, 2012. Multistrada 1200 is the only motorcycle in the world with variable timing on all cylinder valves. Low fuel consumption matched with a responsive 160hp engine elevates this bike above most competitors.

Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard Rentals

Do you want motorcycle that will allow day-to-day use and tear up the race track? The Ducati Hypermotard helps you out by offering three riding modes - Race, Sport and Wet. The slim, die-cast aluminum frame provides a striking silhouette that's unmistakable. The Hypermotard has a 1,078 cc desmodromic, air-cooled two-valve 90 degree V-twin engine.

Ducati offers three hyper performance motorbikes in the Hypermotard motorcycle line: Hypermotard SP, Hypermotard, and Hyperstrada.