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Costume Rentals, Theatrical Costumes, and Theme Party Costumes

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Costumes for Rent

Costumes are typically only used on occasion, and some are only worn one time. It seems silly to spend a large amount of money to purchase a costume that is rarely used and is available for rent for just a fraction of the cost.

If you are in a school play, a parade, or attending a Halloween party, that calls for the short term use of a costume, you’ve come to the right place. Rent It Today is a premier costume rental resource, where you can borrow high quality costumes for any event.

Save money and time when you rent your costumes through Rent It Today!

Theatrical Costume Rentals

Theatrical Costume Rentals

Theater performances date back as far as the 6th century BC. At that time, performers donned costumes and masks, and carried out ritualistic or traditional dances, as well as personal artistry skills and crafts.  From then and continuing now, theatrical productions take place to entertain audiences around the world in a number of formats.

Costumes are just as integral as the backdrops and settings of a theater production. If the characters aren’t dressed to fit the part, the production and performance will be incomplete. Just imagine viewing an old Western play performed by individuals wearing modern street clothes. You get the point. Whether your performance is for a school or church play, a professional theater, or even Broadway, Rent It Today markets companies prepared to outfit your entire cast.

Halloween & Holiday Party Costumes

Holiday Costume Rentals

Halloween is a time of haunting, superstition, and even celebration. More than that, to children, Halloween is a time to dress-up and hit up the neighbors for some candy! Costumes for this once a year occasion can be costly. There’s no reason to spend the money to buy a costume when there are costume rental companies across the US with the character apparel you’re looking for.

Halloween dress-up is not just for kids. Many adults will attend a costume party in their lifetime, and an adult sized costume can be very expensive. Understandably, an adult will probably only wear their Halloween party costume for one night, therefore, it makes sense to save money by renting. Costume rental companies offer standard to outrageous outfits for rent, so you can choose based on your taste, style, and budget.

Halloween is not the only holiday that can call for a costume. A costume rental makes even more sense for anyone wishing to fulfill an Easter Bunny or Santa Claus role. Alongside those main characters, costume outfitters from all around offer supporting role costumes for the holidays, including reindeer, elves, and snowmen.

Seasonal Costume Rentals

Seasonal Costume Rentals

Tis the season to rent a costume! Numerous costume rental companies offer more than just your standard holiday costumes for rent. For example, if you are looking to really play up an outfit for St. Patrick's Day, you can find all the green you need from one of our outfit rental companies. Further, dress and feel like you are actually in New Orleans during all the Mardi Gras celebrations this year. Additionally, if you are in the Michigan area during their annual tulip time festivities, or any other location that holds traditional events, you can find the perfect costume to support the occasion.

No matter the theme, season, or occasion, we are certain you will find your costume rental through Rent It Today!