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19862 County Road 20
Foley, AL 36535
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Towable Generators Description

Towable Generator for rent in Foley, Alabama: Reserve high capacity portable generators with maximum outputs ranging from 10KW to over 700KW. Towable generators enable one to supply power to large mobile construction workplaces, commercial facilities, industrial sites, events, and are extremely valuable as an emergency backup source of power.

All portable power systems are available for rent by the day, week, or month providing construction companies and event organizers with flexible leasing periods.

To learn more about renting this equipment please call 844-873-4948

Make & Model Maximum KW Voltage Rages Current Output Phase Fuel Capacity Run Time
MultiQuip DCA10SPX 10.5KW/16.5HP @ 1800 RPM 10KW/16.5HP @ 1800 RPM 120/240V Single 16.4 gals 14.91hrs
Magnum Products MLG 15 14KW 120-240 V 60 amps Single and three phase 56 gals 43 hrs
Winco RP25 20KW 120-240 V 70-30 amps 1-3 phase 45 gals 50 hrs
MultiQuip DCA25SSI 22KW 120/240/480 V 27.8-60 amps 1-3 Phase 17 gals 10.24hrs
Wacker Neuson G50 38KW 120-480V 57-114 amps 1-3 phase 84 gals 21.6 hrs
Magnum Products MMG45FHK 35KW 120-480V 53 amps 1-3 phase 106 gals 35hrs
DCA56SPX 62KW 120-240V 233 amps single 40 gals 9.76hrs
Magnum Products MMG75 63KW 120-480V 95-217 amps 1-3 phase 147 gals 24hrs
Wacker Neuson G100 88KW 120-480V 120-240 amps 1-3 phase 200gals 30.6 hrs
MultiQuip DCA125USI 110KW 120/240/480V 138.9-300 amps 1-3 phase 169 gals 23 hrs
Wacker Neuson G150 133KW 120/480V 120-364 amps 1-3 phase 291 gals 30 hrs
Magnum Products MMG150 127KW 120/480V 442 amps 1-3 phase 342 gals 32 hrs
MultiQuip DCA180SSJ 158KW 120/240/480V 200-400 amps 1-3 phase 100 gals 8.7 hrs
Wacker Neuson G 240 210KW 120/480V 120-480 amps 1-3 phase 377.7 gals 26 hrs
Magnum MMG320 278KW 208/480V 419 amps 3 phase 459 gals 24 hrs
MultiQuip DCA800SSK 704KW 120/240/480V 1924-2500 amps 1-3 phase 129 gals 3 hrs

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