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Belt-Press Description

BP-1000 2.0 Meter Belt Press Rental in San Diego, CA. This belt press rental is mounted on a 36' 5" long trailer with the sides removed. Belt Press rentals and thickeners size range from 1.2 meter to 3.2 meter wide belts and are mounted with full polymer, belt was, belt drive and belt tracking systems. A Belt Filter Press is an industrial machine, used for solid/liquid separation processes, particularly the dewatering of sludges in the chemical industry, mining and water treatment. The process of filtration is primarily obtained by passing a pair of filtering cloths and belts through a system of rollers. These belt press systems are commonly used for Sanitation and Sanitation Districts, Water Treatment Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plants. Aspen Rentals provides the highest quality dewatering rental equipment for municipal and industrial clients in San Diego, Coronado, National City, Chula Vista, Lemon Grove, Bonita, La Mesa, La Presa, Spring Valley and all of California.

This belt press rental is mounted on a 36' 5" long van trailer which has the sides removed. The safety features include handrails, kick plates, stairs emergency stops and all safety guards. The trailer contains sufficient electrical cable to make connections within 50' if this dewatering unit.

Specific Dewatering and Wastewater Management Unit Description:
-9" screw augur discharging out of the passenger side of this rental unit. The discharge auger will drop products 6' away from the edge of the unit.
-Comes with two 300 gallon poly tanks with dry or liquid poly capabilities
-Progressive cavity poly pumps with electrical VFD
-Centrifugal sludge pump with a fuse disconnected. Mounted on a small skid with 4" camlock fittings
-Floc Tank with Reeves hand driven motor
-One boost water pup with a 2" inlet connection on the drivers side of the unit.
-6" camlock filtrate connection inrear of unit
-4" static mixer complete with polly injection ring and block

Key Specifications:
Stands 12' 9" high, 11' 6" wide, 36' 5" long, 46,500 lbs (including belt press and all ancillary equipment)

Most Belt Filter Press operations can be divided into three general stages - first is the initial de-watering, which makes the sludge pulp; then you have the pressing or medium pressure filtration, which conditions the sludge for high pressure filtration quality; and lastly you have the high pressure filtration, which raises the dry solids content in the sludge cake to the optimum level.

The process begins as the sludge enters the press, where it is mixed with a chemical , either in the press, or in a conditioning tank prior to the press. From this flocculation or preparation zone the sludge enters the gravity drainage zone, where a large rotating drum agitates the floc and drains approximately 70% of the free water. The resulting capture rate can be as high as 99%.

Pressure is first applied in a low pressure wedge zone, which begins squeezing remaining water out of the sludge. Further dewatering occurs in the medium pressure zone, where two large perforated drums of decreasing size apply the pressure. Rollers perform the final dewatering in the high pressure zone. The sludge cake (filtered solids) then exits the machine. The belting on a belt filter press must be continuously washed with clear water to keep it from blinding, and this is accomplished by water spray bars placed above returning belt.

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