Rent a Street or Road Broom in Milpitas, CA

Street Sweepers Description

Road Broom Rental in Milpitas, CA. Delivery available from United Rentals .: Reserve road broom rentals in a towable 3 wheeled model and a 4 wheeled model each with a 96 inch sweeping width.

Road or Street Brooms available for rent in offer a quick and easy solution for cleaning large areas and they come equipped with a water tank for dust control. They differ from street sweepers as they have an angled brush allowing the operator to push debris out of the work area and do not have a tank to collect debris.

Commercial Street Brooms and road cleaning equipment may be rented by the Day, Week, or Month, offering people flexible leasing periods. Contact us today for road broom rental prices.

To learn more about renting this equipment please call 844-873-4948

Specifications for Broce Manufacturing CO Road Brooms:

    Model Sweeping Width Sweeping angle Max Drive Speed Brush RPM
    CA 350 96in 45 degrees 34MPH 192 RPM
    RCT 350 96in 45 degrees 34 MPH 192 RPM
    BB 250 C 96in 40 degrees 10MPH 192 RPM
    MK 1 Various Various Various Various

    Counties Serviced:

    This United Rentals location's equipment rentals are available for delivery to the following counties: Santa Clara County

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