Pressure Digger Drill Truck Rental Los Angeles

Pressure-Digger-Drill Description

This item has a minimum rental period of 1 Month.

Business to Business Only
In or near Los Angeles, California Sagon Truck Rentals-Los Angeles rents pressure digger drill trucks. Pressure Drill Trucks are capable of drill depths of 10' to 130' deep and a hole diameter of 8" to 150". Renting a pressure drill truck digger will help meet the requirements in the utility, telecommunication, lighting & sign installation industries as well as the general construction sector.

All Sagon Truck Rentals-Los Angeles Pressure Digger Drill Trucks are regularly tested for safety and rated for operations per the current ANSI/CSA regulations

A fleet of pressure drill digger rigs are available for rent in or near the Los Angeles, California area. Delivery is available to Long Beach, Palmdale, Anahiem, Downey Irvine, Glendale and across the entire state of California.

Monthly rental rates apply. Pressure Digger Drill Truck rentals are for BUSINESS USE ONLY. To learn more about rental rates and term please call us at 770-471-8871

Pressure-Digger-Drill Specifications:

Pressure Digger Drill Truck Rental Specifications Near the Los Angeles, California area. Available Across The Entire State - Variety of Sizes Available Call 770-471-8871

  • Capacity: 8,000LBS To 12,000lbs
  • Mount Type: Truck Mount
  • Chassis Capacity: 8,000 LBS to 56000
  • Outrigger Style: H-Frame
  • Brakes: Air
  • Auger Size: Not Included
  • Auger Drive Torque: 43,404 FT-LB to 75,377 FT-LBS
  • All Wheel Drive: Yes
  • Flight Length: 40′ to 95'
  • No. of Teeth: 4″ SQ
    Weight: Non-Continuous
  • Dig Depth: 30′ to 95'
    Rotation: Non-Continuous
  • Upper Controls: No
  • Material Handling: No
  • Insulated: No
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Max Auger Size: 60 to 84
  • Kelly Bar Size: 4

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