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Bucket Trucks Description

Bucket Truck Rental in Atlanta, GA. Cherry Picker Rentals, offered by Sagon Trucks and Equipment, are a type of aerial work platform that consist of an elevated work station or "bucket" at the end of a hydraulic mast. These Bucket Trucks rest on either a line or flatbed body with maximum working heights ranging from 29' to 100'. The Buckets come in one and two man models, with weight capacities of 300lbs (1 man) or 600lbs (2 man).

These Bucket Trucks are ideal for a variety of commercial and residential aerial work applications including Utility Pole access for Cable, Forestry work, Electrical, Telephone servicing, Tree trimming, window cleaning, roof/gutter maintenance, and painting.

Looking for a stable work platform for even your most elevated jobs? Call Sagon today and ask about their bucket truck rental rates.

Bucket Trucks Specifications:

Model Max Working Height Body Type Bucket Occupancy 4 x 4
A29 29 feet 1 ton chassis or van body 1 man (300lbs)
A38 38 feet line body 1 man (300lbs)
A38-4 38 feet line body 1 man (300lbs) yes
A40 40 feet line bdoy 1 man (300lbs)
A55 55 feet line body 2 man (600lbs)
A55-4 55 feet line body 2 man (600lbs) yes
A65 65 feet flatbed 2 man (600lbs)
A65-4 65 feet flatbed 2 man (600lbs) yes
A100 100 feet flatbed 2 man (600lbs)

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