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Climate Controlled Storage Units For Rent

Climate Control Storage | Temperature Controlled Units | Air Conditioned and Heated Space

Climate Controlled Storage for Rent

Climate controlled self storage units for rent to the public are of particular value in climates which experiencse both high and low temperatures or high humidity during the year. Very hot weather or frigid cold temperatures can adversely affect some types of property if stored in standard self storage rental units. If your residence or business is located in a geographic area which experiences extremes in weather conditions, climate-controlled storage units provide smart and practical protection for self storage of personal goods or business items.

Climate control storage can cost more to rent than a standard self storage unit. To determine whether the additional cost is justified, it is important to consider two factors. One is the value of what you plan to store. The other is whether or not an item could be replaced if it is altered or damaged. When storing items of sentimental or economic value, the additional cost makes good sense. If your items would be costly and inconvenient to replace, or irreplaceable, it is wise to store them in the safekeeping of a climate controlled facility.

As a rule of thumb, the object of climate controlled storage is to maintain a constant 55–80° temperature. Maintaining a controlled environment protects items from damage like warping and rust, among others, as well as preventing infiltration from insects and rodents. Mold, mildew, and bacteria growth are also prevented, which is a major benefit in humid areas. The enclosed design of these facilities also provides greater protection from dust, dirt, and flooding.

Climate Controlled Storage Unit Rentals

Climate control storage units provide self storage rental options to accommodate business and residential customers' inventory that require a temperature controlled space. From units the size of a large closet, up to units which can hold the contents of an entire home, companies offer just the right size to securely store your goods in a climate controlled environment. Temperature controlled self storage rental options typically include heated storage units, air conditioned self storage space, and humidity controlled storage units.

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Heated and Air Conditioned Self Storage for Home Goods

Rent Climate Controlled Storage Space

A climate controlled public self storage facility rental offers protection and security for valuable and/or perishable goods you might normally have taking up unnecessary space in your residence. Home goods like leather or wood furniture, clothing, art, photographs, musical instruments, old vinyl records, cameras, and electronics are just a few examples of the types of items which benefit from the protection secure self storage rental space can provide.

Many homeowners, especially those with young children, take advantage of climate controlled self storage facilities for antiques and heirloom items to enjoy the security as well as the peace of mind that comes with knowing these often valuable and irreplaceable items are in good hands and out of the reach of the gene pool.

Secure Climate Controlled Facilities for Business and Equipment

Climate Controlled Self Storage Unit Rentals

Secure self storage rental in a climate controlled facility allows businesses and the general public to securely store equipment off-site in a space that is protected from humidity and temperature extremes. Very hot, humid temperatures or frigid climate can severely alter or ruin goods which might be stored in a space at a business or home where the damage is not discovered until it's too late.

Valuable and expensive to replace property like computers, audio/video equipment, tools, machinery, electronics, pharmaceutical supplies, and seasonal inventory are but a few of the extensive list of items which are affected by temperature extremes or high humidity.

What if something is factually or virtually irreplaceable, like documents or antiques? The answer is climate controlled self storage for protection and peace of mind.

Humidity Controlled Document Storage Space

Rental Document Storage Space

Humidity controlled self storage rental offers protection and secure safe keeping of important documents for your business and home, including records, photographs, and books.

There are a number of critical and irreplaceable documents that either you or your business are required to take care of. Some of those include medical, accounting, or legal records just to name a few. If you or your business are responsible for the safe keeping of these or other important documents, then off-site record storage is both a cost effective and practical way to store and maintain those records. Further, another benefit of renting a humidity controlled document storage unit is that it also frees up valuable space in your home and office.