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Whether your idea of camping is pitching a tent under the stars, on enjoying your RV,  your options for  camping and RV adventures are as wide open as the spaces that beckon for you to come and explore them. Let Rent It Today help you reserve a campsite or find a campground for your next vacation to the great outdoors.

Tent Camping & Primitive Campsite Rentals

Tents for Rent

Just you, a tent, and the wonders of nature...If you've ever experienced it before, you know there is nothing quite like falling asleep solely to the lullaby of the crickets in the still night air. Purist campers wouldn't camp in any other fashion than under the sky only covered by a camping tent. They don't need the accommodations of restrooms, showers, or internet to enjoy their camping experience. All they require for their relaxing nature journey are survival and safety essentials. if you fall under this category of camper, then you've come to the right place!

For the most natural of campers, Rent It Today markets companies offering you the option to rent all your camping cookwear, camping tents, and other camping essentials from our one easy-to-navigate web site. As for pitching locations, you can also complete your tent only campgrounds search by filling out the required fields in one of our search boxes.

RV Parks and Campsite Rentals

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Imagine taking a trip across the countryside in a luxury RV riding in the lap of glorious and relaxing comfort as you roll toward your destination. In the United States alone, there are thousands of great outdoor spots to park your RV or camper. Most of these outdoor venues have fun activities at the parks including kayaking, horseback riding, hiking trails, and even boat rentals. RV parks have all the essentials needed to run your RV or camper. From water hookups, electric, and general stores, you won't lack for the amenities of home.

Would you like to experience the country in an RV or camper but do not own one? No problem! Rent It Today markets RV & camper rentals. If you do have a camper or RV already, search for an RV park today!

Backcountry Camping & Remote Campgrounds

Backcountry Camping Equipment for Rent

Backcountry camping is common in National Parks, and these sites can only be reached by foot, canoe, or by horseback. These camping areas are established "zones" which have a predetermined number of people that are allowed to stay in the zoned sections per night. Regulations are imposed regarding food storage and resource protection. In most cases, open fires are not permitted, and all cooking must be done with small portable stoves. Usually these backcountry campsite zones require a permit obtainable at a visitor center or a ranger station. Check your national parks for more information.

Campsite Cabins For Rent

Camping does not have to mean you will be lacking a roof over your head. If you prefer camping in closed quarters, the best option for you is a small cabin. Many campgrounds and RV parks offer camping cabins that can be rented. Camping cabins typically have one or two rooms, and some may have a bathroom. They also typically come furnished with beds, a table, a few chairs, and usually a small porch. A camping cabin is the perfect compromise and combination for your wilderness getaway.