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 "Making Renting Simple." It's our catchphrase. It's our mission. It's one of the reasons we instituted a call center.

Sure, our website is easy to navigate. And sure, you're intelligent enough to type in your search terms and hit enter. But neither is a guarantee you're going to land on the exact information you're looking for. But that shouldn't stop you. In other words, just because you can't find it, it doesn't mean we don't have it. This is where our call center comes into play.

Rent It Today's call center bridges the gap between renter and  rentee. For the individual looking to rent, we provide an additional simplistic option to accommodate your preferred method. For the renting company, we provide the middle man that leads customers directly to you.

Don't Be Callus, Just Call Us

Have you already utilized our search boxes to no avail? Or maybe you're a busy working parent that just doesn't have the time and would prefer someone else do the work. Either way, we've got a call center representative standing by that is more than happy to help you locate your rental! And yes, an actual human being will answer the phone and talk you through the process versus you pressing 1 for English, then 3 for customer service, then 6 for a rental category, then 113 a for specific item, and so on. We pride ourselves on hiring friendly, down to earth, real, live, breathing individuals to join our already awesome team of customer service reps.

One Number, Two Purposes

If you're on the other end of the rental spectrum – the one with the item for rent – and are looking for more information on listing your rentals on Rent It Today, our call center representatives are also available to answer any queries you may have.

Want to know what our services entail? Want to know if we're worth the minimal monthly investment? Want to know why we've been called "the best marketing investment I have ever made?" Or maybe you want to know why rental companies are saying, "Rent It really delivers by providing leads consistently on a daily basis" and "I couldn't of asked for a better company to help me find my way into web marketing."  Give us a call, and we'll tell you more!

And the buck doesn't stop there. Once we begin marketing your rentals, our call center reps become trained on your specific products and services to better serve your potential customers. We take the hassle out of you having to answer the same questions over and over. By the time they contact you, they're ready to rent!

Rent It Today Call Center

Monday - Friday
9am-4pm EST