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C-Arm Machine Rentals from local C-Arm Specialist. There have been countless advancements in the medical field, including upgrades to equipment that provide safer techniques, increased patient comfort levels, shorter recovery times, and decreased invasiveness. One of those advancements includes the development of the C-arm. A C-arm is a fluoroscopic imaging device that is available in standard, mobile, and mini capacities.

C-Arm Rentals and Fluoroscopy Equipment

C-Arm medical imaging device

A C-arm system for rent is an imaging device sometimes referenced as an x-ray image intensifier that uses fluoroscopic dyes to provide real-time detailed viewing of anatomic structures during both surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Its maneuverability and small design allow for precise imaging of the inside of the body. Technological advancements are the reason C-arms are used in so many applications including orthopedic, urology, cardiac, vascular and neurovascular procedures. They are minimally to non-invasive medical equipment, therefore providing less patient pain and discomfort, more accurate diagnosis, and faster treatment. Another advantage of utilizing a C-arm is its low radiation emittance, therefore making it a safer and preferred method for both patient and medical personnel.

C-arm rentals are available from medical equipment companies across the US from high quality name brand manufacturers including Philips, OEC, and Ziehm. Each model is equipped with product specific characteristics, allowing you options so you can choose the most appropriate equipment for your specific medical facility needs. The benefits of renting a C-arm include trying before buying, little investment if you are a new or small company, write-off possibility, and ability to upgrade as more up-to-date C-arms become available.

Mini C-Arm Rental

Mobile C-Arm Rental

Mini C-arm rentals are most advantageous for smaller locales, including mobile screening rooms. The maneuverability of this particular type of C-arm allows for the most precise applications. Mobile C-arms do not come with as many features as a fixed C-arm, which could be a benefit or a disadvantage based on the medical facility’s specific needs. Most do, however, come with customized presets that make the device easy to operate.

Some mobile C-arm rentals are available with flat detector technologies, which make more efficient use of the available radiation. Other advantages to flat detector C-arms are uniformed responses across field of view, no glare, more x-ray information, lack of geometric distortion, and increased grayscale.

Mini C-Arm Rentals and C-Arm Repair Service

Mini C-Arm Rental

Mini C-arms are aptly named due to their smaller size. Similar to standard C-arms, a mini C-arm can be used as a minimally invasive radiological imaging tool. More commonly, they are utilized for the evaluation of extremity injuries in an outpatient setting. Medical personnel may be seen using a mini C-arm when seeking high-resolution images of the hand, wrist, knee, foot, or ankle.

The application of the mini C-arm in an outpatient or inpatient setting offers patients, health care providers, and insurers a safe and effective alternative to traditional x-ray. Similar to standard and mobile C-arms, mini C-arms are available in a variety of models, and can include such features as image storage capacity, focal spot x-ray source, flat panel monitor, and power range.