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Find local available Dozer, Bulldozer, Motor Graders, Trenchers and Earthmoving Equipment: The term “bulldozer” describes heavy construction equipment used to execute earth moving construction tasks.  Bulldozers, also called crawlers or earth movers, employ hydraulics to amplify force thereby making difficult jobs easier on construction sites. The idea of using heavy equipment to move heavy items originated in ancient Rome in the form of cranes, and has since evolved into the more contemporary and complex equipment. Bulldozer rentals are often used by a variety of small or large scale construction sites, mines, military bases, factories, engineering projects, and farms. There is a variety of construction equipment classified under earth moving equipment from dozers, backhoes, and trenchers to excavators and motor graders.

Bulldozer Rental

Dozer Rentals

Bulldozer rentals, also called crawlers, because of their continuous tracking, are essentially construction equipment tractors that have a large metal plate called a blade attached in the front which allows the machine to push soil and create a level area for construction. Many bulldozer rentals are also equipped with a claw-like device, called a ripper, attached to the rear of the dozer, which is used to loosen hard earth material. Ripping rock allows the large rocks to be broken down into smaller, more easily transported rubble that can be pushed around by the blade. Bulldozers for rent are used to push large quantities of soil, sand, or other materials during construction work. The continuous tracking gives the bulldozer the ability to move easily without sliding on rough terrain. The wide tracks allow the bulldozer to decrease the concentration on pressure, so the machine can glide easily over soft terrain without sinking.

Military Dozers

military bulldozer rentals

The military bulldozer is essentially a standard bulldozer that has undergone modifications in order to assist in military engineering projects or serve as a form of protected transportation. Military bulldozers can be purposefully built for use of the military or can be civilian bulldozers that have been adapted to fit the needs of the military. The driver’s compartments of these vehicles tend to be surrounded by bulletproof glass, and the bulldozer is usually heavily armored on all sides. Other adaptations may result in a sacrifice of some functions of the bulldozer in order to gain greater speed or maneuverability of the vehicle. The most popular military bulldozer is the CAT D9, made by Caterpillar Inc., which is used to clear large areas of land, open routes, rescue stuck vehicles, and build sand mounds.

Motor Grader Rental

Motor Grader Rentals

A motor grader rental is a piece of construction equipment with a long blade used to flatten surfaces.  Typical models of motor grader rentals have three axles, with the engine and cab situated above the rear axles at one end of the vehicle and a third axle at the front end of the vehicle, with the blade  in between.  Some motor graders have two blades.  Often the motor grader machine is referred to simply as the “blade”.  Motor grader rentals can be used to produce an inclined surface, to give camber to roads.  Motor grader rentals are also commonly used in the construction and maintenance of dirt and gravel roads.  When constructing a paved road, motor graders are used to prepare a base course that is wide and flat for the asphalt to be poured on.  During winter months, the motor grader rental can be used for snow removal on both city and residential streets.  The motor grade rental is an important piece of construction equipment and can be used year-round.

Trencher Rental

Trencher Rentals

Trencher rentals are commonly used in construction jobs requiring a trench being dug for irrigation, gas lines, pipe work, and other applications. Trenchers are designed specifically for landscape design and the maintenance industry. Trenchers can be used to define flower beds and landscaping, and providing trenching for drain tile, lawn sprinkler systems, landscaping lighting, and water lines. Trenchers can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the type of job they are needed for. Smaller, portable trenchers are commonly used in small scale landscaping, while the larger trenchers can be used to dig trenches for large industrial pipes or water lines. Some of the larger trenchers, used in construction work can be either walk behind or ride on depending on the size of the job. There are also a variety of types of large scale trenchers available including standard center mount trencher, offset trenchers with conveyors, and large track trenchers for pipeline installation projects.